6 signs your child is destined to become a computer programmer


Children change and develop a lot in their youth. But some personality traits are likely to remain constant throughout their lives. From self-confidence to a love of problem solving, these traits could help you predict occupations your child will be good at.

If you want to know if these consistent traits predict a future as a computer programmer, these six signs should do the trick. If your child meets any of these criteria, you could have a technology-driven future.

Likes team projects

Contrary to the popular stereotype that being a computer programmer means you’re a socially challenged introvert, many of the best programmers have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams.

Tomorrow’s job market will demand that developers are good at working with others and have the ability to explain complicated concepts to other people, teams, and departments.

Likes to solve problems

Computer programming is all about solving problems. It takes patience and persistence, and kids who inherently enjoy problem-solving may linger.

Does your son or daughter enjoy discussing ideas and inventions that might solve a problem or improve something in their life? Does your child like puzzles or strategy games? If so, it could be an early indication of a nascent computer programmer.

Like to do things

Computer programming is inherently creative, and kids who enjoy doing things may be well suited for it. While the making of things in the physical world is limited by physical materials and space, computer projects are only limited by the imagination.

Does your son or daughter love to create things, draw and design? Has he expressed interest in taking coding or game design courses? Is she discussing any new ideas for new mods in Minecraft that would make the game different, fun and exciting? These interests can all be nurtured and developed through a number of free and paid online courses or local enrichment courses in your community.

Self-teach instead of being taught

One of the biggest challenges in teaching computer science is staying one step ahead and teaching practical, real content. The rapid pace of technological advancement makes this difficult, and most programmers quickly realize that they must become adept at teaching themselves through experimentation and trial and error.

Many successful coders also become excellent researchers and gain valuable information from community forums in order to solve problems.

Very detail oriented

Attention to detail is a hallmark of many successful computer programmers. Programming languages ​​can be ruthless, and even in simple programs there are many small details that need to be analyzed, digested, and executed.

As programming becomes more complex, it involves multistep procedures and functions with many dependencies. Having a mind that deals with the details can be very helpful.

Likes computers and technology

It might sound pretty obvious, but to have a bright future in computer science, students must enjoy working with computers and technology.

Does your son or daughter want to learn how games, apps, or other tech work and share things they like, don’t like, and even come up with changes that would make it better? These are perhaps sure indicators that your child could have a bright future in computer programming.

David Dodge is the founder and CEO of CodaKid Kids Online Coding Academy. He is a former game designer for Sony’s Playstation and PC, and software architect for Tutorware.


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