6-year-old becomes the world’s youngest computer programmer


Now 7 years old, Kautilya Katariya has set a new Guinness World Record for obtaining IA certification from IBM.

Image: IBM

It’s fair to say that most 6-year-olds are probably more interested in toys and computer games than programming lessons, but not Kautilya Katariya. Now 7, Kautilya has been recognized as the youngest computer programmer in the world after earning four professional certifications from IBM for Python and Artificial Intelligence.

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He even established a new Guinness world record.

IBM was not kidding when it said that developers of all ages looking to hone their skills can earn several new professional certificates in areas such as cloud and AI, through the IBM Developer Skills Network, a free learning platform that publishes courses on Coursera, edX.org, and other online education sites.

“When Kautilya got extra time at home due to the COVID lockdown and vacation cancellation, along with all of her misdeeds, he immersed himself in the tech world … to help her satisfy his curiosities, ”said his father, Ishwari Katariya. “We were looking for well-defined, structured IT and AI courses that were available online for free, and IBM’s courses met all of these criteria.”

Ishwari Katariya called his son, a student in Northampton, UK, a “fast and passionate learner,” and said that “the IBM courses helped him understand complex concepts in computing, programming, ‘machine learning and artificial intelligence’.

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Initially, Kautilya explored computer languages ​​like Python, JavaScript, and HTML support, but focused on Python because he discovered that Python is the best programming language to learn right now for AI. and machine learning, said Ishwari Katariya. It took him about six to seven months to master Python.

Kautilya received five certifications in Python and AI from IBM in November 2020. He completed the program from IBM Foundations of AI professional certification on edX and the Python for data science during IBM Cognitive Class.

“As a parent, we are very proud of Kautilya’s accomplishment and were delighted when her name was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records,” said Ishwari Katariya.

And he hasn’t finished. “Kautilya has now completed six IBM certification courses and earned an IBM professional certification for Artificial Intelligence and Applied Data Science with Python,” her father said. “He is currently taking two more IBM courses to earn another professional certification for ‘Applied AI’.”

High school student advocates for IBM’s Student on Call developers

Another student who has used IBM’s resources to learn about the technology is Tanmay Bakshi, who gave an TED Conference and made informative DevOps Videos. He is also an advocate for IBM’s Student on Call developers.

Even though he’s only in high school, Tanmay works 20 hours a week at IBM, the company said. He is a co-instructor in one of the courses of the IBM AI Professional Certificate program.

Tanmay started his developer journey coding at the age of 5. His love of computing led him to become an expert in AI, IBM said. He has created several apps and even published a book called Hello Swift! : programming of iOS applications for children and other beginners.

IBM helped connect Kautilya to Tanmay, and they plan to have a mentoring call to discuss how Kautilya can continue to develop new developer skills, the company said.

IBM’s director of Tanmay, Antonio Cangiano, was recently introduced to an elite school system in Uzbekistan by one of IBM’s partners in Ukraine, Intela Education.

Cangiano ran a virtual workshop with 300 students in December and in eight hours all students were able to take IBM’s AI chatbot course using Assistant Watson, when registering at IBM Cloud, the company said.

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