A GOP donor seeking bankruptcy protection for his home walked his daughter down the aisle of Mar-a-Lago


IIn the past 25 months, serial entrepreneur Richard Kofoed has filed a claim personal bankruptcywas accused by a business associate of embezzle millions, donated $800,000 to the GOP with his wife, sipped rare bourbons in Trump’s DC hotel with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), moved into a House owned by Trump next to Mar-a-Lago and filed for bankruptcy for the single-asset LLC that owns its home in the San Diego area, such as Forbes previously reported.

In addition to this race, on February 26, Kofoed walked his daughter down the aisle of Mar-a-Lago.

Forbes was unable to determine who paid for former President Trump’s private club to host Caitlin Kofoed’s posh wedding ceremony and reception. The Kofoeds did not respond to requests for comment. In court, Kofoed denied and countersuit on the aforementioned embezzlement complaint. (Caitlin, by the way, is not Kofoed’s daughter Trump’s PAC paid $16,000 for “administrative work” in the last three months of 2021, as The Daily Beast first reported. It’s Cassidy.)

While there’s been no shortage of photos of the Kofoeds mingling with Trump World and GOP royalty in recent years, social media posts showing who attended the wedding have been scarce.

Trump campaign adviser, fiancée of Don Jr. and recipient of a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 Committee, Kimberly Guilfoyle had a seat assignment at the reception (Table 4), although it is unclear whether she actually attended (the video shows her at the rehearsal dinner the night before). In November, ProPublica reported that Kofoed chartered a plane that flew Guilfoyle out of DC after speaking at the January 6 rally to overturn the election results.

Jack Brewer, a former NFL player supporting Trump that the Securities and Exchange Commission accused of insider trading in August 2020 celebrated the marriage. Brewer denies the allegations.

Getting married at Mar-a-Lago may have been a last-minute back-up plan for the couple, according to a court filing. Four days before Caitlin’s nuptials, Kofoed testified that his daughter’s wedding was planned for the Californian house it is central to the bankruptcy petition.

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