A Philosophy of Software Design, 2nd Edition (Yaknyam Press)


This book discusses the topic of software design: how to break down complex software systems into modules (such as classes and methods) that can be implemented relatively independently. John Ousterhout first introduces the fundamental problem of software design, which is the management of complexity. It then discusses philosophical questions about how to approach the software design process and presents a collection of design principles to be applied when designing software.

The book also features a set of red flags that identify design issues. You can apply the ideas in this book to minimize the complexity of large software systems so that you can write software faster and at lower cost.

Author: John Ousterhout
Publisher: Yaknyam Press
Date: July 2021
Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-1732102217
Print: 173210221X
Kindle: B09B8LFKQL
Audience: General developers
Level: Introductory / Intermediate
Category: Methodology

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