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by Analytics Insight

January 24, 2022

This article introduces the best cutting-edge technologies for custom software development in 2022

The world is changing at a rapid pace, but the high-tech market is doing it twice as fast. five times as a custom software development company, we not only strive to develop quality products according to our customers’ needs, but also do so using the smartest and most advanced technologies, exceeding their desires. . Today, we’ll talk more about the high-tech solutions and agile methodologies we’ll use to build software for our customers in 2022:

cloud computing

Re-engineering and digitization services are in high demand in the market right now, as the issue of migrating desktop applications to cloud platforms is vital for many small and large businesses. Migration to AWS or Azure cloud servers with all related work on code refactoring and encapsulation, as well as the development of remote expert solutions and single instance cloud solutions from scratch are important parts of our custom software development services. Moving to the cloud provides our customers with much more scalability, operability and transparency over data resources, as information in the cloud is available 24/7 and completely secure.

Cross-platform scalable solutions

Our engineers love finding out-of-the-box solutions for complex, everyday tasks, testing them in all sorts of contexts. When we find a perfect solution, we incorporate what we have learned in other areas. For example, we’ve collected our unique React Material UI components and styles and made them available for free in our Figma Kit. We have brought together all of our collaboration platform development practices and front-end expertise to create one of the best custom webinar platforms WebinarNinja. By keeping an open mind, we find the best technical solutions in each case, which means the operability and scalability of our products in mind, ensuring that our customers get the most out of their investments and fully enjoy the benefits of custom software development in Five.

big data

The volume of data in the world is growing exponentially. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, noticed that in the space of 100,000 years, until 2003, people only created 0.5% of a zettabyte of data, and today it only takes us 2 days to create that amount . To use it, software developers create mathematical analysis programs that filter large stores of data into usable information. This technology is called Big Data. It helps businesses make decisions faster and more accurately than ever before, and being used in our software development solutions like the custom CRM for a European mobile recharge provider, it optimizes production and streamlines overall company operations. business.


Cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, and after the recent promotion of dogecoins by such an important personality as Elon Musk interest in cryptocurrencies has doubled. At the same time, people are looking for a safe way to manage and transfer their digital currency to fiat currencies, and blockchain can solve this problem. Being a secure and corruption-free technology, it allows recording and managing transactions of digital currencies and anything of value in a decentralized and transparent way. In addition, it has its own “wallet” application for storing cryptocurrencies, so there is no need for an intermediary: individuals and companies can buy everything on their own. The same is true for the trading sector, because with the help of blockchain, trade confirmations are done immediately and no permission from auditors is needed. Here, our company also serves as a custom software development consultant, helping our clients choose the most suitable blockchain-based solution and meet their desires regarding the product.

Artificial intelligence

AI is a branch of computer science aimed at building intelligent machines, systems or robots capable of performing tasks that require human-like intelligence. These machines are able to acquire and learn the information for future use, make predictions based on data and correct them if necessary. Custom software development solutions written with the help of AI have nearly limitless capabilities. AI-based predictive analytics is widely used in applications for marketers, just like in one of our recent projects. It allows businesses to predict consumer buying behavior, get to the necessary KPIs faster, and tailor the results achieved. In education, AI easily creates personalized tutorials, games, and adaptive programs for students, making learning more comfortable and efficient. In insurance, it is widely used for claims processing, fraud detection and other routine tasks. The range of its use goes beyond any field, and we try to make full use of it in our custom software development.

Integration of new technologies

Custom web software development doesn’t always mean building a project from scratch or getting rid of old technology, because sometimes the client still needs it to work under the new system. We can help refactor and upgrade existing software, simultaneously integrating new technologies, so that the client can get the most out of the current solution.

By bringing together all the cutting-edge technologies mentioned above and many more, we get the most innovative custom software development solutions. Beyond code and listening to the pains and needs of our customers, we create products that combine best practices and stay current for as long as possible. If you want to experience a smooth and efficient development process, we are always ready to start working on your project or offer you a free consultation with our software specialists.

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