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What jobs can you get with a BSc (Hons) Software Development with cybersecurity degree?

This degree will put you at the forefront of computing in a web-based world. Our industry internships will facilitate your transition to the job market. From software development to data analysis, our computer science graduates have a range of opportunities available to them.

According to the 2020 ScotlandIS Scottish Technology Industry survey, around 100,000 people work in digital technology professions. This is a 9% growth since 2016. The growth has been strongest in website design and development, IT business analysts, system architects and designers, programmers and engineers. software development professionals.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  • software engineer
  • systems designer
  • systems analyst
  • system architect
  • Systems engineer
  • software developer
  • Web developer
  • Project Manager
  • mobile application developer
  • Java Developer

As a systems analyst, you will work on solving IT problems. This may involve adapting existing systems or using new technologies to design a new software solution. In doing so, you will design software, write code, and test and patch software applications. You may also be involved in providing documentation to users. Typically, you will work as part of a larger team.

IT Consultants work closely with clients and advise them on how to use IT technology and applications to best meet their business needs. You will work with clients to improve their efficiency in using computer systems. This may involve the adaptation / customization of software applications, or the development of custom applications for specific customer needs. In addition to technical tasks, you can be involved in project management.

Application developers translate software requirements into programming code and typically specialize in a specific area, such as computer games or web technology. Developers often work as part of a larger team. You may be responsible for developing a certain component or part of a larger application.

Our IT graduates have an excellent track record in finding high paying jobs, especially as this course is designed to address the issue of a major skills shortage in the IT industry in Scotland and the UK. in general. Alumni have been very successful in securing suitable employment in a variety of positions – with small companies, with large international organizations such as Accenture, IBM, Google, Microsoft, British Telecom, Natural Power and large financial institutions such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, as well as with local authorities and government agencies.


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