ByteMe code editor for on-the-go software design, development and programming by Thomas Morgan



ByteMe Shell 1.1.0

ByteMe is an accessible universal syntax highlighting IDE for iOS devices, designed around the goal of providing a mobile workspace, allowing programmers to continue their productivity seamlessly on the go.


• Support for many languages ​​including popular languages ​​like Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, Swift, Objective-C, C, C ++, Ruby, Perl and many more!
• Line numbering
• Word wrapping
• Page guide
• Dynamic syntax highlighting
• Type identifier and detection
• Fast replacement search with regular expression support
• Code suggestions and code completion
• Support for automatic indentation in square brackets, for markup languages ​​like HTML and for tabbed namespaces like Python
• Editor view with zoom
• Preview files in an integrated web viewer
• Easy-to-use file manager with iCloud support
• Copy and open files to and from other applications
• Accessory keys appear in a toolbar above the keyboard for easy access to common special characters
• Quick keys such as space by pressing twice to insert a tab space

There are plenty of new features coming in future updates, so stay tuned. Detailed release notes are included with each update.


• Carry relevant code suggestions
• Precompiler warning / error alerts
• Project management
• Refactoring
• Download imported framework / module / package header files on demand, allowing recognition of type members and more relevant code suggestions
• View online documentation directly in the app for common built-in types (and cached documentation for offline viewing)
• Support for (S) FTP
• Support for several popular drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
• Provide integrated storage to development teams to coordinate resource sharing
• Push notifications for extracting, pushing and validating files
• And many more, as detailed in the detailed release notes that accompany each update.

Ultimately, I would like ByteMe to be 100% free in the App Store. That said, the first to download ByteMe when it starts will have access to exclusive ByteMe promotional features in future updates. Aspiring developers may feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] and / or interest in being part of the beta software program at [email protected]



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