CCS publishes software design and implementation framework


Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has issued a call for tenders for its software design and implementation services framework, which will allow organizations to purchase assistance in introducing or upgrading back office software.

The framework will last 30 months from March 2021 to September 2023, with CCS having the option of extending it for an additional 18 months. It is valued at £ 1.5bn, compared to just £ 100m in the framework forecast published in May, although this is a guideline value spanning just two years.

The framework will allow any UK public sector body to purchase assistance from specialist vendors, either to introduce a new cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or to upgrade existing IT software . During its market engagement work for the tender, CCS said that in addition to ERP, it also included human resources, payroll and other back office systems. , including customer relationship and supply chain management software.

The tender notice states that the framework will cover strategy, architecture, design, software selection, impact assessment, implementation, integration services, migration of data, change management, training, business process integration and automation, all in one package. CCS requires offers by December 10 and plans to allocate seats on the framework on February 26.

Last week, CCS issued a call for tenders for its Framework Technology Services 3 valued at up to £ 2bn over four years, including a bundle of £ 580m for major business transformation programs. services.

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