Cloud Software Engineer – Lookout Local Santa Cruz


Fullpower®-AI provides a comprehensive B2B IoT platform for AI-powered algorithms, remote non-contact biosensing as well as end-to-end engineering services and software customization in the field of life sciences. life, health and biotechnology.

Fullpower’s platform is verified and deployed as a PaaS, backed by a patent portfolio of over 125 patents. Fullpower’s core areas of expertise include non-contact biosensing, remote monitoring, non-invasive sleep technology, and developing new technologies for others in the life science and biotechnology fields. Fullpower’s B2B PaaS customers are in medical solutions, remote non-contact biosensing, bedding solutions, wearables and wellness services.

Fullpower-AI is looking for a passionate, team-oriented, self-motivated Cloud Software Engineer with experience solving challenging problems. This position will work closely with our team of seasoned software engineers and our cloud and IoT partners, such as Amazon, to design and implement state-of-the-art solutions to our customers’ problems at scale.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Mastery of Java, Python
  • 2+ years of experience building scalable and highly available systems on AWS or equivalent
  • Experience working with service-oriented architectures and developing RESTful services
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Security: HTTPS and Authentication Best Practices

Preferred education:


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