Code Platoon offers software development training for veterans and their spouses


Veterans and their spouses can train to become professional and certified software developers with Code Platoon’s Coding Bootcamp, an immersive and hands-on training program with opportunities for paid internships (in Chicago only) and developer internships. Web after graduation.

What does the Coding Bootcamp training cover?

The Code Platoon Coding Bootcamp covers everything you need to work as a “full developer,” which means veterans and their spouses can gain hands-on experience building front-end websites and databases. slides. During the 14-week full-time training, students will learn about today’s web development tools, programming languages, industry best practices, and even some soft skills to help them become professionals. complete ready to find a job.

There are also evening and weekend courses, which last 28 weeks and cover the same curriculum as the 14 week course. And there’s a Self-Paced Coding program that’s free for veterans, active duty members, and military spouses. For students new to coding, Code Platoon offers introductory coding and bootcamp preparation courses. Currently, Coding Bootcamp courses are all online for security reasons.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has served at least one day in the military (or is married to someone who has) is eligible to apply for the Code Platoon, including the National Guard and the Reserve. The Code Platoon team works individually with each incoming student, providing a personal connection from the start.

How much does it cost?

Code Platoon accepts the GI Bill for in-person, VET TEC, VR&E and Skillbridge students. For students who are unwilling to use VA benefits or who have exhausted their benefits, Code Platoon offers scholarships, including full scholarships for women, transgender, and black and Hispanic students. Contact Code Peloton for more information on program costs.

“Code Platoon has a long-standing partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that Veterans and their spouses can use their educational benefits to participate in our programs. We are grateful that VA recognizes the importance and impact of coding boot camps to help meet the growing need for technical talent in our country.

Rod Levy, Executive Director and Founder of Code Platoon

How to register

Visit the Code Platoon program site to learn more about the program, eligibility, training program, costs, and other important information. When you are ready to apply, click here to begin your application.

For more information on the program, eligibility and application process, contact Code Platoon at [email protected]

“As a recent graduate of this program, I can honestly say it is the experience of a lifetime. All program members respect you as an individual with varied life experiences and see you as a human being. If you want respect and validation, this is the place for you.

Stéphane, 2020 graduate


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