Coding For Kids Made Easy: How This Software Engineer Is Transforming The Way Coding Is Taught


Building a start-up with a strong vision

SEMBAWANG, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2021 / Children hate schools. They deplore the long hours of school and the work of memory, to regurgitate this information during tests and exams. If so, is there a better way to motivate and speed up children’s learning, and take it to the next level: learn coding for kids?

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Gilbert Zhuo, 24, has developed a new strategy to get kids interested in coding without ruining the learning process. This is done through a gamified platform that uses visual aids and animation to appeal to children’s creative minds.

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“Children are imaginative. They want to shake things up and give free rein to their ideas! With this vision, programming platforms considered revolutionary are lagging behind when it comes to educating children.

Most coding schools advertised for kids teach material that has no actual practical use. For example, the Scratch programming platform uses a drag and drop feature. It is interactive and visually appealing, but these skills are not transferable to more sophisticated platforms such as Python and Javascript. Desiring more interactive coding programs focused on practical skill sets, Gilbert developed his own interactive coding platform to implement his strategy for teaching kids.

Overcome the challenges

Building a start-up without any entrepreneurial knowledge was difficult. There were mental blocks in developing an effective program on a limited budget. Fortunately, Gilbert has managed to bring together a group of like-minded people who share the same vision. It was as if the stars had aligned, and there was every opportunity to make this idea a reality.

After investing S $ 2,000 in the start-up, pilot courses were rolled out for a total of three months to gauge student interest. These courses were offered to people aged 7 to 16.

The program generated great interest and generated massive interest through word of mouth. However, Gilbert and his team felt that more exposure was needed to help parents understand the importance of coding at a young age. They have relentlessly marketed their services by handing out flyers on weekends, creating referral systems, and even forming a coding club on Telegram. Within a month, Gilbert was able to recoup the initial investment of S $ 2,000 thanks to the growing interest in his coding courses.

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The company was created during the period of uncertainty related to Covid-19. Singapore had introduced an island-wide lockdown and tighter safety distance measures amid the rise in infected cases. As a result, Gilbert and his team had considered shifting the business from physical classes to online classes. Unfortunately, the lessons required constant direction to meet the varying challenges of individual student needs. Additionally, online courses would reduce classroom engagement, which in turn compromises the interactive learning process.

Initial success

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By combining visual learning and gamification, Gilbert and his team succeeded in discovering the secret ingredient to permanently involving students in the learning process.

Students who had previous experiences at other coding schools would have complained about the mundane lessons. For them, grouping lines of codes one after the other easily leads to disinterest. Their prospect of pleasure makes them learn differently from adults. With this understanding, Gilbert’s initial program was an absolute success. And he didn’t think he would stop here.

As the Christmas season approaches, students will build a digital piano that will play the Christmas carol – Jingle Bells, as part of the web development course. It taps into a child’s reward mechanism by instilling the accomplishment of creating a musical piece. Gilbert hopes that the pupils will treat this creation like a small trophy, to revisit each Christmas to remind them of the possibilities of making their ideas come true.

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