Computer scientist fired after outsourcing work to China


He was the kind of guy you wouldn’t look twice at in an elevator, according to investigators:

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He was the kind of guy you wouldn’t look twice at in an elevator, investigators say: a 40-year-old father who ranked as the top software developer in his office building. .

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But it turns out that a second look at the “harmless and silent” worker at a US-based critical infrastructure company was badly needed.

An investigation found that the developer – identified only as “Bob” – outsourced his work to a Chinese consulting company and spent his days watching cat videos and surfing the Internet, according to one. Publish by survey firm Verizon.

The developer paid a consulting firm less than a fifth of his six-figure salary to do his job for him, Verizon’s Andrew Valentine reported.

While earning “several hundred thousand dollars a year,” the developer was able to hire the Chinese company for around $ 50,000 a year, Valentine wrote.

The authentication issues were avoided because the developer mailed their security token to China so that their proxy could log in under their credentials, according to Valentine.

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STR / AFP / Getty Images
STR / AFP / Getty Images

“It would appear that he was working an average of nine to five working days,” the Valentine reported.

A check of the developer’s web history revealed hours of browsing sites like Reddit, eBay, and Facebook, with typical days interrupted only by lunch breaks and end-of-day email updates at the end of the day. direction, according to Valentine.

The U.S.-based company investigated after newspapers showed the developer logged in from China while sitting at his desk at the office.

It would appear that he worked an average of nine to five working days

Based on the information obtained, the company initially suspected that malware was being used to “route traffic from a trusted internal connection to China and then back,” wrote Valentine.

“It was the only way for them to intellectually solve the authentication problem. What other explanation could there be?

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Investigators gathered a forensic image of the developer’s workstation and sought to “sculpt as many recoverable files as possible into unallocated disk space,” Valentine wrote.

“What we found surprised us – hundreds of .pdf invoices from a third party contractor / developer in (you guessed it) Shenyang, China,” added Valentine.

According to Valentine, the evidence suggests the developer was running the same scam with other companies in the region.

The developer has been praised for the work he submitted, receiving “excellent feedback” on performance reviews in recent years, Valentine wrote.

“Its code was clean, well written and submitted on a timely basis,” added Valentine.

“Quarter after quarter, his performance review named him the best developer in the building. ”


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