Hands-free coding: software development without a mouse or keyboard


While text messages on smartphones are now often dictated and no longer typed, comparable operating concepts have not yet arrived in the daily life of PC users. Interfaces beyond the mouse and keyboard are ridiculed like a gimmick or not even seen. “Absolutely wrong,” as Wolfram “Wolle” Wingerath, computer scientist and junior member of the Society for Computer Science thinks: “Hands-free coding goes far beyond dictating texts and even allows professional users to ” use the computer without using their hands. . “

Wool is 33, a data engineer, and has been testing input methods for software development without a mouse or keyboard for over a decade. In the meantime, it relies almost exclusively on hands-free coding because it works more efficiently. “This means that I no longer need to memorize cryptic shortcuts and can control the computer and programs very easily with speech, sounds, facial expressions or gestures,” he says.

Voice coding plays a central role in hands-free coding. Source code is created using voice input. The voice coding, however, cannot be compared to commercially available software for automatic speech recognition (ASR). Although there are obvious parallels with dictation of text messages. However, with standard speech recognition software, you cannot program easily and efficiently because ASR is designed for the interpretation and synthesis of a specific natural language. It uses specific patterns, grammars, and optimizations in the output, such as when it automatically inserts punctuation marks or capitalizes names.

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