How Generic Soft’s custom software development solutions improve businesses and help them grow


The implementation of technical expertise for the realization of different types of projects is at the heart of what a software development company is. Generic Soft has been working for a few years.

Founded in 2020, the Bulgarian company has managed to grow to more than 30 people in less than two years, developing teams in various fields, such as Back-end (Java, Spring, Go, Blockchain, Solidity, Cloud), Back-end Python (Django, Flask), ML Python (Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, SciPy), and more.

How did it all start for Generic Soft? The company’s three founders – Mariyan Iliev, Stefan Vadev and Pavel Paunov – have years of experience in programming, technical direction and education.

The young company has constantly strived to improve and develop its employees, which in turn brings productive and efficient collaboration with its customers, including cloud software companies, hardware manufacturers and blockchain companies, among others.

“Generic Soft’s management team has considerable technical expertise and experience in carrying out different types of projects, so project management communicates potential opportunities to technical managers. He can quickly make effective decisions regarding technologies to use, skills required of developers, and the optimal size of team to build,” says Stefan Vadev, co-founder and CTO of the company.

Best practices in software development

The company’s success can be attributed to a number of factors, including its dedication to best practices in software development, its commitment to working closely with its customers, and its focus on building strong relationships with the employees.

Since its inception, Generic Soft has been strict in implementing its working principles by using customer-oriented technologists to write well-designed and efficient object-oriented code.

How Generic Soft's Custom Software Development Solutions Improve Businesses and Help Them Grow,

However, nothing speaks louder than the actual work the company has done for its customers.

SeCloud is a cloud-based software that provides customers with full real-time asset control from a GDPR perspective, and was looking for a long-term partner who can solve a wide range of complex issues across various platforms.

Their company’s first request was for a special desktop agent application for Windows, which gathers all network, hardware, and GPS location information and updates the API on demand.

What Generic Soft did in this case was to help deliver the software part related to building Desktop Services for Windows, which manages the required processes on customers’ machines.

After successfully deploying the Windows version of the agent service in production, Generic Soft managed to deliver macOS and Linux versions of the service.

Next, SeCloud awarded Generic Soft with a very exciting additional feature, which allows the customer to completely erase the hard drive of any machine irreversibly, triggered remotely from the SeCloud API.

In turn, Generic Soft has managed to deliver the required functionality by having an efficient team, leveraging the expertise the company has accumulated over the years, as well as hands-on project management and delivery. different software components.

Another case that illustrates the company’s versatility is its work with LimeChain, a leading blockchain and DLT solutions company that specializes in helping blockchain businesses and startups design, build, and scale solutions. innovative.

Faced with significant growth and ambitious projects, LimeChain was looking for a high-quality software service provider and hired Generic Soft to work on a project. Soon after, LimeChain decided to expand its partnership with Generic Soft to other projects and collaborate on other fronts, making the company one of its key partners.

“They invest a lot in training their colleagues to match their high standards. We always go through interviews when starting new collaborations. We work with Generic Soft on several projects, where they are part of the team. They mainly focus on web development, but have also acquired web3 knowledge due to the specifics of the project and the domain we are working on,” says LimeChain Delivery Manager Velisav Ivanov.

In their project for Bianor, an award-winning software development company with more than 20 years of experience in implementing custom high-tech solutions for leading companies in the technology, media, telecommunications and defense, Generic Soft has provided Java developers who have joined Bianor’s development team.

Developers helped implement critical features and functionalities of the client monitoring tool, such as video quality monitoring, VOD operations, APG monitoring, etc., and actively participated in the development phases software, including requirements gathering, architectural architecture preparation and deployment.

Transfer knowledge to teams and help them grow

Generic Soft’s leadership team has also guided and trained over 500 people in the code business, helping the company establish proven methods for its development and the further development of their teams. At the beginning of 2022, the company also became a member of the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM).

“Generic Soft’s leaders have been part-time technical trainers for several years and have taught hundreds of people basic and advanced programming concepts. Our students were both students with no experience at IT learning centers like SoftUni, Pragmatic LLC, Progress and senior developers at companies like Bosch, United Bulgarian Bank and Borika AD,” says Vadev.

For the developers themselves, being part of a company where they can learn, improve their knowledge and at the same time work on exciting projects is the greatest motivation there is.

As a developer, for me it is very important to work on exciting and challenging projects. Without challenge, the work can become repetitive and boring. In Generic Soft, this is never the case. My personal motivation for working on demanding projects is the challenge itself – it develops me as a software engineer. It teaches me patience and many other skills and habits, which just can’t happen when I’m working on a tedious project with monotonous tasks,” emphasizes senior software engineer Yoan Sredkov.

Moreover, what is also important for Sredkov is the development culture of the company.

“All employees have a personal development plan that aligns with company values ​​– if you want to be a Go developer, so be it. Our internal community is very strong – there is a constant exchange of help and resources (articles, videos and other learning materials). We have access to many paid courses – Udemy, Pluralsight, etc. There are also many internal knowledge sharing sessions, where one or more developers create talks and present them to the rest of the team. The approach of the technical direction is very effective – they are always open to research and new challenges,” Sredkov emphasizes.

And for the management itself, the choice of people who will be part of the company does not always depend solely on technical skills.

“The interview process consists of two phases – social and technical. The technical part is more or less clear – we determine the current level of programming and computer skills of the candidates. However, for us, the first part is more important We tend to look for people like us – self-motivated, results-oriented, eager to learn and improve, and open to career development and technical challenges,” adds Vadev.

Additionally, the expertise that Generic Soft has acquired over the years aids in its hands-on project management and delivery of the various software components, and adaptability allows the company to consistently and successfully manage requirements. changing customers, he concluded.


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