How Kenyan Software Development Companies are Growing in 2022


Kenyan software development companies are showing serious signs of growth throughout 2022. In fact, Kenya has one of the fastest growing communities of software developers. The country currently has over 50,000 skilled software engineering professionals, second only to countries like South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria. By 2024, job opportunities in software are expected to increase by more than fifteen percent. As a potential developer yourself, you need to know what the best programming companies are doing to stay ahead. In this way, you can find well-paid and lucrative job prospects in the best development companies in the country. To get started now, read on to find out how Kenyan software development companies are growing in 2022.

Building a culture of transparency

To begin with, Kenyan software development companies are committed to a fair culture of innovation and transparency. These companies recognize that transparent cultures lead to significantly fewer errors, superior processes, and faster development times. After all, there is a clear understanding of who is working on what. Of course, this helps team leaders track performance, spot weaknesses, and implement improvement techniques. Ultimately, this helps them catch vulnerabilities, errors, bugs, or defects before they go live. To reinforce a transparent culture, it helps to have routine team-wide meetings. In fact, many of the major software companies hold a brief stand-up meeting or progress check each day. These sessions can last as little as ten minutes. However, they have a huge impact on the growth of Kenyan software development companies.

Integrate advanced development tools

Many Kenyan software companies incorporate advanced development tools to stay productive, efficient and ahead of the competition. Powerful programming resources improve security, collaboration, and management of containerized data. For example, many companies use a JFrog registry and Kubernetes Docker to simplify k8s cluster provisioning. These solutions support artifact collection, content tracking, and dependency configuration. They also offer unlimited access to the Docker hub, which helps streamline cloud-native application development. With this feature, teams can better secure containerized images, gain deeper insights into OS-level issues, and automate basic programming processes. Additionally, developers can reliably deploy and manage software container resources. Certainly, many Kenyan software companies are integrating advanced development tools to drive continued growth.

Continuously optimize workflows

Software development companies in Kenya can also facilitate growth through continuous workflow optimization. Unfortunately, many teams neglect workflow monitoring, progress tracking, and process optimization. Of course, having a strong and scalable workflow is key to identifying operational flaws, redundant tasks, unnecessary work, or other process inefficiencies. Companies in Kenya are carefully analyzing their current SDLC procedures to detect any sluggish, unnecessary or sluggish phases. Then they will check if the human development work can be automated. This is mainly achieved through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. “Dead” tasks are another element sought by companies. These are obligations that are essentially killed before they can even be fulfilled. Indeed, leading software companies in Kenya understand the importance of continuous workflow optimization.

Set clear and measurable goals

Software development business growth always starts with setting clear and specific goals. When setting goals, it is useful for development companies to follow the SMART goal criteria. This will ensure that the stated objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Ultimately, goals should align with the company’s mission, while challenging development teams. Of course, everyone on your team should know their main goals and priorities. In addition, they must be clear about the achievement of these crucial milestones. Setting clear and measurable goals helps Kenyan software development companies grow consistently.

Perform routine tests

Routine software testing has become another major key to the success of Kenyan development companies. Software application testing is an absolutely vital stage of the development lifecycle, and it helps teams prevent catastrophic business emergencies, instill confidence in stakeholders, and identify dangerous vulnerabilities before release. That’s why many companies are starting to hire comprehensive Software Quality Assurance (SQA) departments specifically to handle testing. These QA architects conduct a wide range of different testing protocols, including functional and non-functional approaches. Absolutely, Kenyan software development companies drive continuous growth with routine system testing.

Kenyan software development companies are growing rapidly this year. First, they remain committed to a culture of transparency and openness. Also, they continue to install powerful development tools, robust programming resources, and supporting build technologies. They also explore different ways to optimize and streamline workflows. Of course, some companies are also becoming clearer and more specific about their goal setting process. Additionally, many companies are beginning to recognize the importance of systematic and thorough system testing. Follow the highlighted points above to know how Kenyan software development companies are growing in 2022.


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