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The total cost of failed US business development projects has risen 46% in just two years

According to the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ), the total cost of failed development projects for U.S. businesses rose from $177.5 billion in 2018 to $260 billion in 2020, a 46% increase in just two years.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its network of 13,000 agencies for quick insights — or “QuickSights” — on how to drive software development success.


Ace Infoway’s CTO, Nirav Oza, says development teams need to have a clear and shared vision, as this will allow them to focus on the right tasks.

“One of the biggest hurdles I’ve encountered when launching new software is the desire to cram too much into one application,” Oza said. “To overcome this, a development team must have a clear and shared vision, as it helps provide direction while allowing developers to understand where to focus their energy. To be more specific rather than more general, they should seek sub-niches and allow user involvement.


Tatiana Shevtsova, senior project manager at Grinteq, believes that the key to making sound and optimal decisions for software projects is to hire a high-quality engineer at the start of the project.

“The groundwork that brings projects to life is high-quality engineering,” Shevtsova said. “Involving software engineers, especially those in leadership and architect roles, early on in the project can help make sound and optimal decisions when it comes to choosing the right tools and technologies on which ones to base the project on.It is important to see what solutions are available, which are the most effective and which will add value to the products or services provided by the business owners.


As stated by Pete Whiting, growth and customer service manager at The Gnar Company, clearly defining project requirements before prototyping can lead to greater efficiency and lower costs.

“[…] Without an agile process that clearly defines application requirements, user stories, and other critical information before wireframe prototyping begins, companies can get bogged down in design ideas or half-baked blueprints that don’t have the user firmly in mind,” Whiting said. “In our experience, early alignment keeps the entire team focused on a common vision and ultimately results in better, more user-friendly, more efficiently built products, while reducing development rework, which can be expensive.


Fresh Lime Soft Founder and CEO Andrew Shaban suggests hiring a project manager who has relevant IT knowledge and software development experience can help save money and effort. during the project.

“Get the right people, especially when it comes to software PM,” Shaban said. “He or she might be the one to save a two-year project with a half-million dollar budget on track. As happened at Fresh Lime Soft, our PM spotted a sloppy work by a team leader after 4 weeks of development. Thanks to his alert, we still had time to readjust and win the match.

DesignRush has released the June list of top software development companies that can help organizations develop and maintain solutions for a specific set of users and functions.

1. IntexSoft –

Expertise: web development, application development, enterprise software development, etc.

2. Fortnight –

Expertise: web development, application development, UI/UX design, etc.

3. EnProwess –

Expertise: application development, custom software development, software testing and quality assurance, etc.


Expertise: software development, application development, web development, etc.

5. Pengreen Design –

Expertise: web design, mobile design, UX/UI consultation and analysis, etc.

6. Fireart Studio –

Expertise: Web development, product development, IT consulting, etc.

7. Ace Infoway –

Expertise: web development, product engineering, web application development, etc.

8. Axisbits –

Expertise: Web design and development, SaaS software development, CRM development and more

9. Grinteq –

Expertise: software development, e-commerce development, Salesforce services, etc.

10. The Gnar Company –

Expertise: custom software development, development process consulting, UX/UI product design, etc.

11. Soft Lime Soft –

Expertise: custom software development, web development, application development, etc.

12. Wolfpack Digital –

Expertise: app development, web app development, product strategy and more

13. SHORE Teams –

Expertise: software development, IT consulting, IT outsourcing and more

14. CodeLabs –

Expertise: web development, application development, product design, etc.

15. Digiruu –

Expertise: iPhone app development, Android app development, mobile UI/UX design, etc.

16. Imagex Media –

Expertise: Web design and development, CMS development, UI/UX design and more

17. Flex4 OPS –

Expertise: Web to Print solutions, e-commerce software for printers, websites for printing companies and more

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