Job: Principal Software Engineer at Safeguard Global


Role overview

The Principal Engineer is a hands-on technical leader who understands how to adapt to complex systems at the intersection of business, technology and process.
Your role is to recognize and react to context and apply creative problem-solving processes.
You have in-depth knowledge of technology. You dive deep to support support engineering, quality and products. Any task to support and empower the team. Our organizational philosophy pairs engineering and product managers with a focused and empowered product team. Our mantra is “Business Driven, Product Driven, Technology Enabled”, which means our primary alignment is on well-defined goals and key results, followed by a cohesive product concept, enabled by our commitment to integrated quality and technical excellence.
At Safeguard, we know it’s not enough to build for what it is – we build for what’s to come. To be successful in this role, you will need a mix of skills and the ability to complement them by selecting and developing a high performing team.
To succeed, you and your team are constantly learning and changing to meet business and user needs. You find a balance between process, technology and creativity to solve the problem. You value transparency, communication and inclusiveness to uncover innovative solutions and engage stakeholders and users.
The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of leading high-performing cross-functional agile teams, developing other high-performing leaders, and is expert in multiple programming languages ​​and paradigms, scalable architecture, monolith to microservices patterns, cloud platforms and test automation.


Develop and lead a high performing team
Advance the values ​​of the organization (benevolence, responsibility, integrity, empowerment, passion, fun)
Get business results

Skills / Attributes:

10+ years of relevant experience
3+ years of leadership experience
Cloud platform technology (e.g. Serverless, Kenesis, Glue, Event Bridge, API Gateway) especially AWS
Cloud-native models
Experience with JavaScript, NodeJS and React
Test automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery
Experience with ETL/ELT
Experience with continuous improvement, Lean software development practices, and agile methods and frameworks (XP a plus)
Experience with Monolith to Microservice models (e.g. Strangler Fig)
Understanding of access control policies and data security mechanisms
A pragmatic ownership mentality, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Motivated, inspirational and engaged leadership skills
A commitment to curiosity, caring and trust, even when the going gets tough
Innovative, experimental, working in small batches, sharing ideas for peer review
Excellent communication skills (technical and commercial)

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