Job: Software Engineer III (Anti-Bullying Tools Team) at the Wikimedia Foundation



  • The Wikimedia Foundation Anti-Bullying Tools Team is looking for a Software Engineer to work with us to build features that help identify and stop harassment on all of our Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia.
  • This role is full-time, 100% remote and global.
  • The Anti-Harassment Tools Team is an interdisciplinary product team that develops tools that assist administrators and staff in their efforts to combat those individuals who would use our projects to harm civil discourse, content integrity or to other users of our projects.
  • This includes lightweight data analysis tools and application tools.
  • We are looking for a software engineer to join us in this fight to protect our users and our projects. Stopping harassment on our projects is a pillar of our Foundation’s strategy and planning for the future.
  • This is important and very visible work. Currently, we are working on a wide range of tools related to privacy and user protection.
  • You can see more details in our backlog or in the community discussion of our latest epic.
  • Your day-to-day work will include contributing new patches or pull requests for existing features, generating requirements and prototypes for new features, estimating new work, collaborating with a designer or assisting a volunteer engineer formatting his code.
  • The team is fully comprised of a Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Product Designer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Liaison the community, a test engineer and of course several software engineers.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the tools we build, our work is highly collaborative and heavily tested.
  • We regularly interact with DBAs, security engineers, and other teams.
  • We use open source tools as much as possible and always open source our own work (check out our main Github repository, documentation, and some good tasks for new contributors).
  • Being an engineer at the Foundation requires being comfortable researching and learning an old codebase, so that means reading the documentation frequently.
  • The code base is so complex that it is impossible to keep everything in mind at all times.
  • PHP and JavaScript make up the bulk of our code, but we appreciate using the right tool for the job.
  • The Foundation’s developers have autonomy and responsibility and can have a significant and immediate impact on the future of the site and the movement.
  • Our world is big and can be complicated, so we value communication, enthusiasm and a desire to learn as much as certificates or diplomas.

You are responsible for:

  • Develop, test and deploy new features, enhancements and upgrades to various systems and tools used by administrators and staff
  • Work with Foundation staff and volunteers on software design, development, testing and evaluation of potential technical solutions
  • Ensure positive and constructive exchanges with the community and the Foundation
  • Work and communicate effectively within a small team spread across multiple time zones

Qualifications, skills and experience
Qualities that are important to us:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience
  • Training and/or experience in object-oriented development using a scripting language (such as PHP, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript). Most of our work is in PHP and JavaScript
  • Interest in front-end web application development skills
  • Open to working with a diverse and geographically dispersed team
  • Strong written communication skills, as much of our collaboration takes place online.

Additionally, we would like you to have:
In addition to the basic skills needed to succeed, these skills could set you apart from the crowd:

  • Experience with MediaWiki development or as a contributor to Wikimedia projects
  • Experience with legacy codebases and/or experience in free/open-source software development is welcome
  • Experience with unit testing and integration testing and agile methodologies
  • Understanding of the free culture movement
  • Experience with machine learning or AI technologies
  • Experience with online community moderation or anti-harassment tools.

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