Keysight Technologies Opens Software Design Center at Georgia Tech


Fortune 1000 company becomes 15th major company to open innovation center in or near Tech Square

Keysight Technologies, which officially launched its Software Design Center Oct. 13 at Georgia Tech, said the breadth and depth of student talent and expertise is one of the reasons it chose the ‘Institute as the seat of the design center. The company hired more than two dozen tech students to work at the design center. (Photo credit: Péralte C. Paul)

Keysight Technologies, a leading provider of electronic design and test software, equipment and services, officially opened its new Software Design Center in Technology Square on October 13.

With the official opening of the Fortune 1000 firm’s Software Design Center, the company becomes the 15and major corporations to locate at or near Tech Square to take advantage of the Institute’s research, student talent and innovation ecosystem.

“We selected Georgia Tech and Midtown Atlanta based on several factors, including the quality of students coming from Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and School of Computer Science,” said Jay Alexander, chief technology officer at Keysight.

Other critical factors were the quality of research and the long-standing partnerships the company has with researchers at these schools, as well as a favorable business climate in Georgia and the quality of life attributes of Atlanta, a he declared. In 2014, Keysight made a $120 million in-kind donation of its software to Georgia Tech, which the Institute deploys to help students become industry-ready engineers using the same instruments and software used by government and industry customers.

“All of those things came together for us, making it an obvious choice,” Alexander said. “We couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

The $13.9 million investment from the Santa Rosa, Calif., Georgia-based company is expected to create more than 200 software engineering jobs.

“Tech Square has attracted a number of up-and-coming startups, but we’re thrilled that it has also attracted companies with an impressive legacy like Keysight,” said Georgia Tech President GP “Bud” Peterson. “For Georgia Tech, it is a source of pride and a significant achievement that a company of this caliber believes it can add value to its operations. This is the ideal type of industry leader we are looking for for Tech Square and Georgia Tech.

Companies like Keysight are also ideal for Institute alumni and students like Jonathan Jones, who graduated from Tech in 2016 with a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from ECE. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 2015.

At Keysight, he will be part of a team of engineers building a new Keysight-scale software platform for rapid application development.

“I’ve heard people compare it to a heavily funded startup, and that’s how I like to think of being here at Tech Square,” said Jones, a 23-year-old Macon native. “It was very interesting to be with the company because they are starting something new; I love new challenges and tackling something new every day, so when I saw this opportunity I knew I had to take it.

Deepika Narayanan, who is pursuing her master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering at ECE, echoed Jones’ sentiments.

“The fact that this center is opening in Atlanta and it’s a software design center made me apply for this position, and I’m really excited,” said Narayanan, who hopes to get his diploma in December. The 23-year-old will work on coding and software development, and she said she hopes to get into data specialization analysis and machine learning.

Uday Ravuri, who also hopes to earn his master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering at ECE in December, said Keysight’s offerings and culture make it an ideal fit for him.

“I basically looked for three things – cultural fit, technical fit and career growth,” said Raburi, who will work as a software engineer for the company. “And from the feedback I got from employees, those three important factors seemed to be perfect in this business, and that’s why I went for it.”


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