Latest Ambassador Cloud Significantly Reduces Complexity Across the Software Development Lifecycle for Kubernetes


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BOSTON, Feb. 24 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ambassador Labs, the leader in cloud-native experience for developers, today announced the latest version of Ambassador Cloud. Building on leading Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source projects, including Telepresence, Argo, and Emissary-ingress, Ambassador Cloud now offers “ClickOps” capabilities to make it easier than ever for developers to code, test, deliver and running applications. for Kubernetes. Any developer can start using Ambassador Cloud for free and upgrade to a paid plan for as little as $5 per month.

“We created Ambassador Cloud to help developers do what they want most, which is to write great code,” said Richard Li, founder and CEO of Ambassador Labs. “The power of Kubernetes and the ecosystem of tools to manage it add a lot of complexity to the development process. Ambassador Cloud directly addresses the learning curve allowing developers to easily master this complexity, allowing them to use their tools to simplify the way they code, test, ship, and run their Kubernetes workflows from a single screen and with just a few clicks.”

Ambassador Labs’ mission is to help organizations ship software to the cloud faster. This mission is fueled by the growth of Kubernetes: Developers using Kubernetes grew 67% in 12 months, according to a recent report from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Today, the role of a modern software developer goes far beyond writing code and now includes managing the tool suite for publish and runtime frameworks using Kubernetes. . Full stack developers now become full life cycle developers.

“The Ambassador Platform allows us to treat HTTP and TCP routes like any other Kubernetes object, which means CI/CD can manage them like deployments or services,” said platform engineer Bo Daley. -form at Zipcar. “Operations doesn’t have to get involved in setting up basics like routing, load balancing, etc., which removes development bottlenecks for us. Our developers can declare exactly what they need and the platform makes their application accessible to the world as soon as it is deployed.

Ambassador Cloud now includes a number of new features to reduce the complexity of building software for individual developers and cloud-native teams:

  • Code and test services with Telepresence. Developers can set up a local development environment that connects to a remote Kubernetes cluster, allowing you to use your existing tools and workflows for development. Users can now start a telepresence session from a list of Kubernetes services and get a secure URL to view any code changes in real time using a point-and-click interface. Teams can also view code changes through a GitHub or GitLab organization, enabling real-time code development collaboration.
  • Securely deploy Canary releases with Argo. To support cloud-native CI/CD, developers can manage an entire Canary publishing workflow from a single window in Ambassador Cloud using the CNCF project, Argo. Developers can open and merge pull requests, and monitor or even pause a canary build with just a few clicks.
  • Run production applications with Emissary-ingress. The CNCF Emissary-ingress project allows developers to easily manage and observe traffic from the Internet to their Kubernetes services. Typically managed using a GitOps-style declarative workflow, Ambassador Cloud simplifies this even further by allowing developers to create a mapping directly from the Cloud UI in the form of a pull request . Mappings are automatically generated from the cloud and provide best practice recommendations, such as timeouts and throughput limits, so developers have confidence in the availability and resilience of their service workflows.

Price and availability

Ambassador Cloud is available today and free for a Kubernetes namespace. Additional namespaces can be purchased with a credit card for as little as $5 per month.

Enterprise Kubernetes Solutions

For organizations with sophisticated requirements, Ambassador Labs now offers enterprise Kubernetes solutions by combining access to expertise and tools to accelerate cloud-native adoption. Our Enterprise Solutions team helps organizations implement cloud-native best practices and confidently manage complex architecture, governance, and security requirements. Learn more at

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Ambassador Labs, the leader in cloud-native developer experience, empowers developers to code, ship, and run apps faster and easier than ever before. Creator of top Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source projects, including Emissary-ingress and Telepresence, Ambassador Labs provides a developer control plane for Kubernetes that integrates development, deployment, and production infrastructure for developers and organizations around the world, including Microsoft, PTC, NVidia and Ticketmaster. Ambassador Labs is backed by top investors, including Insight Partners and Matrix Partners. Learn more and get started for free at

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