Launch a career in software development with this stacked set



Launch a career in software development with this stacked set

TL; DR: The Complete Intro to Software Engineering Pack is on sale for £ 42.44 starting May 24, saving you 95% off the list price.

Are you looking to learn something new? How does software engineering sound?

It may seem like an intimidating field of study, but it will be worth it. Think of software engineers as wizards of the tech world. They can make tangible products out of nowhere, which is the Muggle (and frankly, cooler) equivalent of the Accio spell. From building and developing applications and platforms to launching and maintaining systems, software engineers can do it all. You can also start your journey to becoming a Harry Potter Technician with the Complete Introductory Software Engineering Pack.

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Created by EDUmobile Academy, an online learning platform with over ten years of experience on the streets, this bundle consists of 13 courses that will help you jumpstart your career as a software engineer. It includes introductory lessons on languages ​​and frameworks like NodeJS, AngularJS, Ruby, Google Go, and Java, all of which are essential parts of a software engineer’s arsenal.

You will learn how to build responsive websites, gain an in-depth understanding of various programming languages, develop web applications, and more. This set is so comprehensive that it has garnered over 8,000 stellar reviews from over 150,000 students.

When bought separately, all 13 courses would set you back £ 874, but for a limited time you can get it all on sale for just £ 42.44.

Save 95% on the Complete Introductory Software Engineering Package See the details



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