Low-codeno-code patents rise to transform software development for digital transformation, says GlobalData


Software development in the digital age is often challenged by the shortage of skilled developers, technical debt, and shadow IT. Low-codeno-code (LCNC) platforms promise to solve these problems and accelerate digital business transformation. With their growing wide acceptance, patents granted in the space grew by 19.6% between 2015 and December 15, 2021, reveals GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Darshana Naranje, Senior Disruptive Tech Analyst at GlobalData, notes, “A variety of IT technologies have evolved over the past decade and as a result IT teams need to rely on experts to embrace digitization. Additionally, conventional custom scripts often fail to meet the speed and agility of business needs. This led to significant growth in patent filings and LCNC grants over the past five years, where technology followed by financial services were the strengths across all sectors.

Technology research areas include LCNC platform development for content generation, web hosting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, dialog systems, game software and spreadsheet-based software, while financial services encompassed the development of the LCNC platform for financial transactions, investments and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

GlobalData’s FutureTech series report, “Tomorrow without code: Can low-code/no-code platforms revolutionize application development in the digital age?”, highlights key trends in patent filings and patent grants by industry.


US11069340B2: Existing speech generation systems do not allow non-expert administrators to modify the architecture and dialog models. Microsoft has patented a system that allows non-engineer administrators to modify the existing dialog system without programming. It includes a knowledge system and a learning model that can be used to annotate a user’s voice using simple language, in audio and video recording systems.

KR101815561B1: Conventional ERP systems have limitations in managing the rapid change and renewal of enterprise business processes. Korean startup Bizentro has patented an ERP system, which allows its customers to perform the required customization of business processes in the existing system without any coding expertise.

Financial services

US11017053B2: Useful and desired information can often be lost in massive data. CRM software is used to track customer information and verify sales opportunities. However, it lacks business logic and templates. Callidus Software (SAP subsidiary) has patented a CRM system that includes a content repository and a communication portal developer to manage customer data that can be created without coding.

US10817662B2: Electronic devices can communicate different financial and legal transactions using web services. However, web services require complex design, development, and deployment, which is a time-consuming and expensive process. US startup Kim Technologies has patented a system that automates data collection, validation, and execution without coding.

Naranje concludes: “The COVID-19 crisis has made companies more open to agile and innovative LCNC tools. The democratization of the patents of these technologies will become an attractive proposition to minimize the barriers between the creation and the adoption of technologies, which will ultimately benefit the dynamics of digital transformation.


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