Matt Upham: From Software Engineer to Social Media Creator


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Matt Upham is a social media content creator and software engineer with a passion for creating content in the digital age. Growing up, Matt was drawn to photography and creating content with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. He was able to stand out from other content creators because of his unique content. Interestingly, Matt’s journey into the world of content creators happened by chance and after deep soul-searching.

Unsatisfied with studying civil engineering at university, Matt turned to computer science but was discouraged by the difficulty of the first course. We moved into industrial engineering after realizing he loved working with people; there he did an internship in 4 different companies and finally got a degree in industrial engineering.

During his college years, he had a camera from which he took great nature photos and uploaded them to his Instagram page @mattuphamphoto; it opened him up to his love for creating content and it was an exciting experience for him as he was always running in the mountains to get lots of photos. After graduating, he tried to monetize some of this footage, but didn’t have much luck.

Disheartened but armed with an industrial engineering degree and his love for content creation, Matt left the East Coast for a road trip. After visiting many national parks, he landed in Las Vegas where he got into web development. He realized he had to pursue a career that was both creative and lucrative. This led him to join a coding bootcamp in San Francisco and for three months Matt learned rigorously. Two weeks after bootcamp ended, he landed his first job.

While working the urge to inspire others came and he started making videos of his tech journey and sharing them on his social media platforms, it wasn’t until January 2021 that a viral video he made fully kickstarted his TikTok and Instagram growth which increased his influence exponentially – from 9,000 Instagram followers to over 100,000 followers. Sitting with over 40,000 subscribers and 20 million views on his YouTube and invited to join the Learn on Tiktok campaign. Matt’s journey is quite inspiring.

As a content creator, Matt’s advice is to stick with your dreams. Perseverance matters more than sheer intelligence when focusing on success. He also believes that consistency is a life hack for success, as his life’s journey has demonstrated. Since he started creating content in 2019, he only broke through two years after which the average person might have been tempted to quit.

Matt has found great success and his future is now in running a text startup, but ultimately remains active in the creator space. You can follow Matt Upham on Instagram @mattupham.

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