Meet Kautilya Kataria, the youngest computer programmer


Bangalore: Kautilya Kataria is 7 years old. He is originally from Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh.

But what is so special about him?

He learned the computer language Python and took an online exam.

It’s a world record.

He even entered his name in the Guinness Book of Records when he passed this exam in England at the age of 7. Currently he is currently studying in the city of Northampton, England. He is currently studying in his second year at Wooden Park School. Kautilya’s father, Ishwaryaprasad Kataria, is vice-president of a private bank there. Kautilya’s grandfather BC Kataria was the district sports worm control officer here.

It should be noted that Python is a high level programming language. It is used in great things.

Impressed with his skills, his grandfather says his grandson is nothing short of a godsend.

He adds that when schools were closed during lockdown, he had purchased books related to computer programming. After reading them, Kautilya created her own website and even made a game.
The child also received offers of employment. Reports add that Antonio Cangiano, IBM’s chief software engineer, also sent him congratulations and offered him a job.

Reports further add that Arham Om Talsania of Ahmedabad at 6 364 days held the record for youngest programmer.

But now, Kautilya achieved this feat in 6 years 346 days. It was her mother who applied online. Kautilya also learned Spanish while studying online.

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Last updated November 30, 2020, 13:05 IST


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