Mumbai: Legal redress for second wife of US-based software engineer used as surrogate mother | Bombay News

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MUMBAI: A US-based Indian software engineer who met a city woman online and married her, only to use her as a surrogate because his first wife was unable to conceive, has been ordered to pay a monthly maintenance of Rs 1.5 lakh to it. While a family court had previously ordered the man to pay her a monthly allowance of Rs one lakh, a lower court hearing the woman’s domestic violence complaint ordered him to pay child support provisional of Rs 50,000.
The woman filed a domestic violence complaint in 2017, alleging the man told her he could not consummate the marriage because his first wife had banned it and wanted her to be artificially inseminated. He also said he would send his sperm in a “sperm storage kit”. The woman claimed that because she failed to conceive due to medical reasons, she was forced to do household chores, deprived of food and presented as a housekeeper to guests.
“Respondent #1 (husband) left for the United States leaving plaintiff behind. He abandoned her in 2014, without any financial, moral, physical or emotional support,” the trial court said. . He noted that the man earned a monthly salary of Rs 7.5 lakh while the woman was jobless. His marital home was also sold by his stepmother. The court issued an ex parte order as the man did not appear in court.
The woman told the court that since she had an accident during her school years and underwent corrective eye surgery, she was not easily finding a marriage partner. She said the man approached her through a dating website and agreed to marry her despite her “eye defect”. The woman said he was looking for a second wife without divorcing the first. She said her family’s meager income and the fact that the man was relentlessly pursuing her pushed her to accept his proposal.
The woman alleged that it was only after the wedding that she realized he had only married her to have children. In fact, he and his family even hid this second marriage from their relatives. The woman said the day after her wedding she was given an ovulation predictor kit. The woman alleged that it was only after surrogacy plans failed that the man continuously maintained physical relations with her. But even then, she was not considered a member of the family either by him or by his in-laws.
The woman alleged that the man’s first wife was in constant contact with him and even sent him an insemination kit. She said she failed to conceive as she later learned she was suffering from hormonal issues. The woman alleged that this development resulted in cruel, malicious and humiliating behavior on the part of her husband and his in-laws. In 2015, the man filed for divorce.


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