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Through Josh Marais

Weightron Bilanciai announced a new addition to its apprenticeship program with the hiring of a new software engineer, Reece Berry.

The move follows the successful completion of a graduate learning program at Sheffield Hallam University by an existing software developer.

Reece, 18, said: “Before joining Weightron I studied A-Levels at St Mary’s Sixth Form in Chesterfield where I studied ICT, English Literature and Drama.

“I chose to follow the path of learning because I was passionate about IT and software development. I had the option of going to college, but wanted to work in a real-world environment to gain a mix of skills that would benefit me in many ways.

“Weightron Bilanciai provides me with the training, support and skills I need to meet the challenge of becoming a highly skilled software engineer and developer. It gave me the chance to explore and learn areas of IT that I didn’t know about.

“I highly recommend doing an apprenticeship for those looking for a job.

Instead of taking the “classic” university route, apprenticeship allows young people to learn and work while receiving an income, and to have the will to progress further.

Reece added: “Weightron Bilanciai also gave me the opportunity to graduate from Sheffield Hallam University while working, it would also allow me to have a recognized degree without the burden of university fees.”

There are many opportunities for young people in Chesterfield to advance up the career ladder through apprenticeship. The innovative “My Future” platform offers learners the possibility of:

• Meet local employers and explore learning opportunities
• Collaborate with training providers to learn more about and access available courses
• Virtually visit post 16 institutions, including colleges and universities
• Find out about employment opportunities in your city.

Chesterfield was also the first city in the UK to declare itself a ‘City of Apprentice’, demonstrating its commitment to developing the future and careers of young people alongside business and the economy.

Weightron Bilanciai supports the marketing and economic growth of the city through Chesterfield Champions, a network of over 190 organizations across Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

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