Om is the youngest computer programmer in the world


Ahmedabad: Class II student Arham Om Talsania of Udgam Children’s School in Ahmedabad set a Guinness World Record by passing the powerful Python programming language exam at the age of six. The exam was taken at the Microsoft Authorized Pearson VueTest Center on January 23, 2020.

The test, difficult for many engineering buddies, was passed by this amazing boy, becoming the youngest computer programmer in the world.

Arham broke the previous Guinness record for seven-year-old Muhammad Hamza Shahzad, a British boy of Pakistani descent. In an exam where a candidate needed 700 out of 1,000 points to earn the prestigious certificate, Arham Talsania, now 7, scored 900 points and was recognized as a “Microsoft Technology Associate”.

Arham, the son of software engineer parents, had been very interested in computers and tablets since his childhood. He started using a tablet when he was not even two years old. His thirst for different computing devices was very high, and by his 3rd birthday he ended up using all types of operating systems – Android, Windows, and iOS.

By the age of 5, he was already familiar with all of the standard programming applications that children learn once in Class VI, such as Scratch and Tynker. As he is very interested in video games and wanted to create his own video games, these applications were not sufficient, hence the learning of python.

This youngest computer programmer sees his father as a role model. His father, Om Talsania, is currently working as a technology manager for one of the multinational companies based in the United States. Explaining the journey to achieve the feat, a proud father said, “He loves playing video games and wanted to make his own.

I showed him some of my own work and he was inspired to create his own game using Python. I started giving him some basic training in Python programming, and soon he caught on. He began to learn how to create games using the Python programming language.


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