Quantum software engineer and the necessary qualifications in 2021


Average salary (per year): US $ 80,000

Roles and responsibilities: A quantum software engineer works to optimize the control scheme of quantum processors and automate stages of design processes. They are involved in all phases of the software development lifecycle, including the design, coding, testing, integration and operation of the quantum system.

Required diploma:

  • Applicants must acquire a degree in electrical engineering supplemented by courses such as quantum mechanics and computer science.
  • They should also have a thorough knowledge of mathematical problems such as matrix multiplication, complex numbers, and basic probability theory.
  • Must be able to overcome practical challenges by obtaining different types of training.
  • Knowledge of complex quantum computational processing, quantum noise modeling and quantum error correction codes are also essential.
  • And finally, they must have a thorough knowledge of the various computer programming languages.

The 3 best online courses

XPro Quantum Computing Fundamentals by MIT XPro: This is a two-course online program that teaches learners all about quantum computing. It allows learners to differentiate between quantum and classical computing, to understand algorithms and different quantum applications.

Quantum computing by Udemy: This course teaches basic integrals of quantum computing, such as superposition, entanglement, superdense coding, and quantum gates. The course covers the basics in depth for the learner to continue with their education.

The quantum quest: This course is presented as a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and QuSoft. This is the perfect course for high school students and beginners who want to pursue a career in quantum computing.

The 3 best educational institutes offering the course

  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison: The University offers a master’s degree in quantum science and technology. It aims to solve complex problems and understand the physical world using quantum technology.
  • Duke University: The University’s quantum research department is working to create powerful quantum systems that have the potential to perform a multitude of calculations in quantum superposition and other related fields.
  • MIT: MIT offers a comprehensive set of courses introducing students to quantum computing, quantum mechanics, and the various programming languages ​​used. The courses also involved learning practical course processes and methods such as simulations, assessments, case studies and tools.

Top 5 recruiters for this position

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc: The company uses disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing to bring researchers from different backgrounds to innovate in breakthrough technologies.

JPMorgan Chase: JP Morgan Chase uses quantum in its fintech services to protect client accounts and make better investment choices. The development of new quantum technologies and applications to improve customer services and increase workflow productivity is one of its main goals.

AT&T: AT&T has a strong quantum department that innovates in new technologies. It also collaborates with other prominent quantum companies to advance its research procedures and enhance business growth.

IBM: IBM Quantum Services provide solutions to specific and complex computational problems that might be impossible to solve without supercomputers. Its quantum stack enables customers to explore unprecedented next-level quantum solutions.

Microsoft: The Microsoft Quantum ecosystem offers unprecedented possibilities to solve the most complex business challenges. Over the years, the company has achieved limitless breakthroughs in technological innovation and in classical and quantum computing.

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