Real-time software design and development tools with cybersecurity for military use introduced by AdaCore


NEW YORK – AdaCore in New York introduces GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite software design and development tools to help Ada programming language developers build safe and secure software and follow internal safety and quality procedures.

Features include the GNATtest automated test harness generator for Ada; GNAT coverage tool that analyzes and reports coverage of Ada and C programs; strong evidence of analysis, testing, and verification that meets certification requirements for industry software security standards; and early access to emerging cybersecurity technologies, such as fuzzing.

Fuzz testing is becoming increasingly important for cybersecurity. It is already required in DO-356 compliance for airworthiness safety and is becoming mandatory to secure the software supply chain. This spring, AdaCore will release a beta version of a fuzzing tool for native Linux platforms.

The GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite is available as an add-on to GNAT Pro Enterprise and GNAT Pro Assurance subscriptions and can be used with all versions of the Ada language standard, as well as the formally parsable SPARK Ada subset . Some of its features, such as structural code coverage, also support C.

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