Reel Logix prefers a good old-fashioned approach to software design, listening to customers


It overcomes the difficulty of finding a reasonably priced calendar software product that is flexible enough for different businesses – such as the appearance of the page; Flexibility to meet MY business needs and overlapping schedules.

Reel Logix continues to release frequent and free calendar software updates for its customers with another new version of The Calendar Planner.

Reel Logix today announced plans to release another free update to The Calendar Planner next month. This version is the sixth free calendar software update that the company has issued to its customers in the past 12 months. The features and updates in these versions are the result of Reel Logix’s close collaboration with its customers.

“The philosophy of Reel Logix has always been that our customers should not only have a direct idea of ​​the functionality provided in updates, but that they should not have to wait long periods for each update. Many software vendors use the approach of rolling out large updates once every one to two years. We tend to use a more agile approach that polls our customers to give them a direct line to our development team to request features. The priority for us then is to get these features into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible and our customers seem to really appreciate this approach. ”- Randy McGowan, CEO of Reel Logix, Inc.

In addition to other features and updates, this new version includes the ability to sort all calendar items by time in the day view as well as weekly and monthly views. This allows very simple and efficient management of single day events as well as multiple day and week events in the same program. This makes The Calendar Planner ideal for managing both daily calendars as well as longer term project planning.

Businesses small and large alike appreciate the ease of use and flexibility of The Calendar Planner to manage many aspects of their operations, from managing team and project schedules to meeting and vacation calendars and this new capability. will make the management of these schedules even easier.

David Ivens, Dragonfly Contemporary Designs, said the following about The Calendar Planner: “It overcomes the difficulty of finding calendar software that is reasonably priced and flexible enough for different businesses – Like the look of the page; Flexibility to fit MY business needs and layered schedules. “

Reel Logix continues to demonstrate its commitment to its customers by frequently offering calendar software updates to calendar planner clients.

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