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Fawn Fire: Deb Webb’s emotional return to her burnt down houseAmong the residents who lost their homes is Deb Webb. She returned late Thursday evening to examine what remains of her house.

Fawn Fire: Raw video of the devastation caused by the Fawn FireAs the blaze passed through the lines of control, it forced at least 4,000 residents to flee their homes. At least 25 structures had burned down Thursday evening, including several houses.

Today’s forecast: the latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather teamCooler temperatures for the weekend

COVID Booster Shots: CDC Leader Adds People With Risky Jobs To COVID Recall ListCDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky cleared COVID booster shots for frontline workers

Liam’s List September 24: Recommendations from KCBS reporter Liam Mayclem for your weekendKCBS reporter Liam Mayclem will provide KPIX 5 users with a weekly list of weekend tips for Bay Area entertainment, music, movies and online entertainment.

Live Report From Fawn Fire: The flames of the Fawn Fire continue to advance, burning houses, devastating local residentsThe flames of the Fawn Fire continue to advance, burning houses, devastating local residents

Fawn Fire: Raw video of a firefight with the flames of the Fawn Fire as houses burnRaw video of firefight with Fawn Fire flames as houses burn

South Bay authorities intensify search for “Highway Slingshot Shooter”The search is on for one or more vandals who used a slingshot to shoot ball bearings in the windows along the Guadalupe Highway. Reports by Maria Cid Medina. (9-23-21)

3 East Bay school districts pull out all the stops for COVID-19 vaccination mandatesHeads of state are now discussing whether a COVID vaccine should be mandatory for all students aged 12 and over to attend classes in person. Katie Nielsen reports. (9-23-21)

PIX nowHere is the latest news from the KPIX Newsroom. (9-23-21)

Bay Area Officials Make Plans For COVID Booster DeploymentKPIX spoke with three public health experts to find out how the region is preparing to distribute COVID vaccine boosters. Allen Martin reports. (9-23-21)

Caldor Fire Flare Up puts residents on edgeAn outbreak of the Caldor fire worries residents of the surrounding area. Reports by René Santos.

Oakland faces trial for not cleaning up homeless campsThe “We Deserve Better” Alliance has filed a lawsuit against Oakland for failing to enforce a policy requiring the city to clean up homeless settlements and relocate residents to housing. Andria Borba reports. (9-23-21)

State-of-the-art water purification plant helps Silicon Valley tackle droughtThe Santa Clara Valley facility uses advanced technology to purify treated wastewater using microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to treat 8 million gallons per day. Kiet Do reports. (9-23-21)

San Mateo plans to keep section of B Street closed to carsAs some cities begin to reopen the streets and eliminate outdoor food parks, San Mateo plans to keep cars off the downtown streets for good. Max Darrow reports. (9-23-21)

Healdsburg cuts water consumption in halfEveryone in California has been urged to conserve water, but no city does a better job than Healdsburg. Wilson Walker reports. (9-23-21)

Talking About COVID: What’s Up With BoostersAllen Martin speaks with Dr. Jorge Salinas of Stanford Healthcare about the latest FDA and CDC advice on the need for a COVID-19 booster injection. (9-23-21)

Precise Thursday evening forecastMeteorologist Darren Peck has the forecast for Friday. (9-23-21)

CDC Advisors Approve Pfizer Booster Injections For Specific GroupsA CDC advisory committee voted to approve a Pfizer recall for tens of millions of Americans. Natalie Brand reports. (9-23-21)

Oakland Goes All Out on Student Vaccination MandatesOakland Unified is one of the first school districts in the Bay Area to require all students aged 12 and over to be immunized. Kenny Choi reports. (9-23-21)

Children’s Fairyland presents ‘bedtime stories’‘Bedtime Stories’ will take place at Children’s Fairyland this Saturday evening. Christine Samra of KPIX chats with Executive Director Kymberly Miller and Glynn Washington of Snap Judgment about virtual fundraising and what we can expect.

Weather forecast Thursday afternoon with Mary Lee23/09/21


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