Sanjay Bhagat’s journey from computer programmer to digital marketer


The main reason Sanjay Bhagat has carved out a place for himself in the digital world is his consistent performance. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been so easy for someone from a small town Katra near Jammu town to stay in business for 6 years and work with such big names in the business world. Sanjay is a digital marketer and a front-end developer. And he has big dreams for his future.

It was his expertise in the field that enabled Sanjay to secure his position at Line Messenger, a well-known brand. He had to promote their products and services with reputable platforms like Ali Express, CarDekho, WeChat, Myntra, UC News, etc. So began his long and tedious journey of sales promotion. Along with this, Sanjay has also worked on website design for different companies such as travel, hotel and interior designers.

But as they say “Consistent Actions Creates Consistent Results,” Sanjay’s consistent performance has helped him grow from being a computer programmer to being a digital marketer. And he takes advantage of this new stage in professional life.

Sadly, in 2013, Sanjay had an accident and was bedridden for 2 months afterwards. While lying in his bed for so long, Sanjay began to explore the digital world, especially digital marketing, and stumbled upon his passion for life. He made good use of those 60 days and became an expert in digital marketing.

Today, this digital promotion expert enjoys traveling and has visited cities all over India and around the world. Besides a number of cities in India, Sanjay visited places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand and Abu Dhabi.

You’d be surprised to know that, however, this isn’t the final career destination for Sanjay. He wants to get into e-commerce by starting his own business by the end of 2020.

He plans to go into e-commerce and by the end of 2020 he will be starting his own business. With his website, which will go live in a few days, Sanjay plans to put everything about his work and life in one place.

Until then, we wish him all the best!

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