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Iconic is the leading NFT marketplace for 450,000 museums, cultural institutions and brand archives around the world. We are storytellers and inventors at heart, and our mission is to preserve our world’s most important cultural assets through the power of blockchain.

More than a third of cultural institutions in the world are in danger of closing down permanently. At Iconic, we want to help preserve this history with the permanence of blockchain, while also helping museums and cultural institutions generate a new stream of income through NFTs, to help them continue and thrive for years to come. .

As a member of our development team, you will build the technology that will help shape the future of how we preserve the history and culture of the world.

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to help us build and scale well tested and perfected software, using modern technologies including Elixir, Vue, Solidity, Liveview and IPFS, among others.

Who is iconic?
We are a team of passionate and talented developers, designers and storytellers.

We value:
Curiosity and passion for learning new things
Independent thinking coupled with a spirit of collaboration
Emotional intelligence + perverse intelligence
Take risks and give yourself the freedom to fail
Personal and professional development
Psychological safety, diversity and respect for the uniqueness and contribution of each team member

We are a completely remote * startup, in the early stage, funded by VC with an existing product with positive revenues already on the market. Our investors include Cultivation Capital, Techstars, Venture South and other angel investor groups. We know our business is as good as our people, so we pay competitively and offer full benefits, nine paid vacations, and unlimited PTO. We are fast moving, but believe in work-life balance because people bring the best and most creative to work when they are rested and recharged.

Our development team is engineering and product driven, engaging in continuous delivery and pair programming.

Who are you
You code well. Really good. You are either a senior developer who has successfully put high-quality, well-tested code into production, or a mid-level talent looking for a place to become a senior. Either you know Elixir, or you want to learn (that’s fine with us!), And you are generally interested in functional programming.

Ideally, you have worked in a startup or a SaaS company before. If not, but you’ve worked successfully in a team environment and are up for the challenge of learning how to live in the startup world, don’t let that stop you from lifting the hand.

You are interested in doing cutting edge work, solving tough problems, learning new things, and being part of a successful team that is building something cool.

What you gonna do

Design and write well tested and polished code
Learn and use modern tools such as Elixir
Guide products from specification and design to deployment
Work well with team members
Coach and train other team members on techniques and best practices
Learn and perform devops related tasks (optional but desired)

Minimum basic requirements
Five years of experience in software development, within a team
Attention to detail
Familiarity and competence with standard processes, procedures and tools for professional software development
Interest in functional programming

Our team is growing rapidly, so even if this isn’t the right position for you or the right time to join the team, please contact us and let us know that you are interested. Iconic is always on the lookout for exceptionally talented people who are passionate about our mission.

* For matchmaking and collaboration purposes, US East Coast or Central time zones are preferred.

How to register
Submit your application here.


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