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What we build

Symplany’s mission is to transform the way people think about financial planning and investing. Too often, a person’s investments are not aligned with their goals. Our software and philosophy empower financial advisors to help their clients better understand their unique situation and focus on the decisions that matter. Advisors and clients love us!

Who we are

We are a small team working together in Minneapolis and beyond. We place great importance on our values: they are an integral part of how we make big decisions and how we behave every day. We can tell you more when we meet:

  • Integrity

  • Rational optimism

  • humble trust

  • 1+1=3

  • Inputs vs. Outcomes

  • Pursuit of excellence

The Opportunity

Join us as employee #7 in a small business that punches above its weight. We are fully seeded, with a profitable and proven business model. We are not beholden to investors and enjoy full autonomy over our business decisions, and can offer you competitive compensation and equity. As a member of our team, you will play a key role in shaping our business and influencing our future!

Your day-to-day work will range from iterative development to orchestrating our software development to mentoring your teammates. As a development team, we work together to write great code, build a great app, and continually learn from each other. You can design a new database schema in the morning and implement a new UI in the afternoon. You will work with the entire company to design and develop new features and capabilities for our engaged user base. The code you write on a Tuesday will be used by the advisors on Wednesday.

As a team leader, you will eventually become responsible for the quality of the software and the development process. We also plan to grow our development team further, so one of your first tasks will be to help with our next search for development candidates.

Desired skills and requirements

  • Auto entrepreneur : You identify what needs to be done and you go out and do it.

  • Goal-oriented: You create effective goals, you are stimulated by them and you accomplish them.

  • Organized orchestrator: You seek to understand development work in the broader context of business. You have already successfully managed a development process.

  • Self-disciplined: You can effectively manage your time and tasks with the team. We trust each other to complete our tasks with minimal oversight, but are happy to help out a teammate if they get stuck.

  • Adept Software Engineer: The majority of our application is in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. We manage our infrastructure in AWS using Terraform and Ansible. You don’t need experience with all these languages ​​and tools, but it helps!

  • Ability to design systems: You have extensive experience as a software engineer, building new products and features while improving the architecture of existing code.

  • Technical Manager : You are a force multiplier, able to guide an interdisciplinary team to success. You understand the broader business context and make appropriate technical decisions in light of the larger context.

  • Desire to learn: Whether it’s algorithms, the tax code, or the impact of colors on human behavior, we’ll pick up where your formal education left off.

Talk to us

We look forward to discussing with you: [email protected]


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