Sentons Unveils SDK and Dedicated Silicon Solution, SNT8020, for Large-Screen Displays to Transform the UX/UI of Consumer Devices

SAN JOSE, CA., January 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sentons, the Pioneer of Software Defined Surfaces (SDS), to Showcase Its Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Solutions and Explain How the Ease of Use of Ultrasonic Sensing Technology Will Drive Innovation for UX/UI consumer devices at the Consumer Electronic Salon (CES) 2022, which will be held January 5-January 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The leader in ultrasonic sensing will launch its first-ever software development kit (SDK) for mobile, wearable and IOT devices and a solution that powers virtual controls on larger screens of up to 15-30 smart displays inches.

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Chairman and CEO of Sentons, Jesse Lee, says, “Over the past few years, we have successfully unlocked some of the most innovative UX solutions with our SDSwave technology. , but also to bring these solutions within reach of developers, making them simpler, more cost-effective and more efficient to implement on large-scale consumer devices.Our vision remains consistent.We are committed to developing technologies and systems to continue unlocking new levels of interactivity on human-machine interfaces.

Sentons SDK for mobile and IOT devices is a solution to support efficient development and faster deployment of ultrasound UX technology. It includes everything developers need to create a prototype on the surface of a device, and the price will start at $900. Sentons will also provide virtual support for developers.

The large screen solution, SNT8020, is easier to implement, water resistant and more economical than capacitive touch solutions. The solution unlocks new experiences that are redefined in software on any surface, regardless of shape or curvature. It is highly designed to identify intentional gesture patterns and reject false touches. A major differentiator of the solution is that it can be haptic with only 12 peripheral sensors, while competing solutions require a seamless sensor grid across the entire display area. Ultrasonic sensing enables a rich, interactive experience on smartboards in the classroom, workplace and beyond at a commercial price.

Sentons will demonstrate its technology in an official CES suite at Venetian #29-123.

The SDK and widescreen solution are additions to Sentons’ suite of ultrasonic SDSWave solutions, including its popular mobile solutions like SDS CameraBar and SDS GamingBar, the best gaming trigger solution for smartphones that is featured in ROG phones. from ASUS and Tencent as well as Legion gaming phones from Lenovo. Sentons is also currently collaborating with global consumer device manufacturers.

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About Senton:
Sentons is Software-Defined Surfaces: brings high-resolution touch and force sensing to various surfaces on any device, and unlocks a new level of interactivity in the mobile device market. The company’s patented acoustic electromechanical technology is commercially available on a number of mobile devices and extends its ability to deliver richer user experiences to a dozen additional phone models through gesture capture and virtual buttons . Sentons was founded in 2011 and is led by a team of technologists from Apple, Telegent Systems and LSI Corporation.

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