Silicon Valley-based software engineer says practicing for job interviews is key


Software engineer James Ang stressed the critical importance of training and seriously preparing for a job interview during an engaging session titled “My Journey to the Heart of Silicon Valley” earlier this month . Ang shared his experience as a software engineer at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters and answered students’ burning questions about tech stacks, distributed systems, and what they might do to make it to Silicon Valley one day. .

About 60 students from 8 universities across the country had the chance to hear directly from Ang earlier this month about what it’s like to work in Silicon Valley and the ups and downs of his trip there. The talk is part of a series called Spotlight Express co-hosted by local start-up Kabel and the National Career Development Center Association (NACDA).

“Interviews are about proving yourself,” Ang said. For technical interviews, it seeks in-depth understanding, so students should learn the basics and be prepared to explain and prove their statements.

In addition to academic and technical skills, Ang pointed out that employers are looking for soft skills as well as projects or interests that students pursue in their spare time. Interpersonal skills are highly valued and necessary for career advancement, and he encouraged students to expand their network, meet new people, and attend events to get noticed.

Ang added that being curious and adopting a mindset of continuous learning are good qualities to have. Being around and learning from smart people can speed up a person’s learning curve.

Ang’s expertise is in systems design and software writing. He has led cross-geographic software teams for over 25 years and has over 15 years of experience working in the region.

Claire Low, a computer science student at Monash University, said: “James’ journey will inspire many tech-savvy Malaysians to dream big. Obviously, moving from SPM and a local university to Silicon Valley is possible if one is willing to put in the effort. In fact, we Malaysians have many qualities that give us an edge, such as the ability to adapt to multicultural working environments.

This conference is one of many engagement events Kabel has organized to nurture the potential of Gen Z as future leaders of the country. In November, there will be a Hybrid Career Festival where progressive companies can connect with Gen Z talent through a series of interactive programs.

Kabel Founder Camelia Loh, who has 17 years in the recruitment industry, added, “Whether it’s Silicon Valley or Klang Valley, you have to work hard to prove your abilities in order to advance in your career. . »

A Tinder-like job matching app for interns and new grads, Kabel is an app that uses AI technology to connect recruiters with job seekers based on values, purpose, and goals. Recommendations for potential job matches are made by the app without users having to search or filter resumes.

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