Slough’s software engineer was growing cannabis in his bedroom


A SENIOR software engineer who cultivated £ 45,000 worth of cannabis in his bedroom has been spared jail.

A court heard how Richard Whitty, of Lowestoft Drive, Slough, had a tent pitched in his house after his brother Thomas came to ask him to pitch it.

Although he initially refused his brother’s plans, Thomas succeeded and 54 cannabis plants were planted in the tent.

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These plants have been estimated to have a market value of £ 45,000 had they been allowed to reach full size.

But the brothers were only six weeks away from their surgery when police attended the Elder Whitty’s address to conduct a welfare check on Thomas.

Officers smelled cannabis and discovered the tent upstairs. Thomas Whitty was arrested at the scene and Richard Whitty, 35, was later arrested.

File photo of a cannabis farm.

In defense, Tom Blackburn said Mr. Whitty did not profit financially from his brother’s program, that he did not take an active role in the cultivation of cannabis and that he “made an effort to dissuade his brother from carrying out drug production activities “.

He said Mr Whitty would not have to be sentenced if he had reported his brother to the police, but that it is “particularly difficult” to do so when “the family is involved”.

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“He is a man who made a serious mistake and he will no longer be in court,” added Mr. Blackburn.

Upon conviction, His Honor Judge Campbell acknowledged Richard’s refusal to set up the cannabis farm, but also stressed that he had not reported his brother to the police.

Whitty, a senior software engineer at a software development company in Slough, received an 18-month community order.

File photo of a cannabis farm.

File photo of a cannabis farm.

One such requirement is to perform 150 hours of unpaid work.

He was sentenced to Reading Crown Court on Monday October 4.

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His brother, Thomas, was to be sentenced the same day but his fate was postponed to allow prosecutors to prepare a pre-sentence report.


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