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Summer 2020 will be very different from the others in memory. As many states and businesses are reopening, it’s likely that students will stay home longer than in the past.

Online courses are still registered for the summer semester, and those interested in starting a career in software development have many choices, from individual courses to full certificate programs.

Here are some great options for students to learn valuable software development skills.

Summer coding bootcamps 2020

Coding Bootcamps provide a low-cost introduction to software development and the use of software development tools. Most full-time bootcamps only take 12 weeks, and many include a guaranteed placement.

The for-profit business model holds great promise, but major tech industries, including Google, have invested in their potential. The following camps are regularly ranked among the best in the field.

1. General assembly

The General Assembly will organize bootcamps and workshops this summer in major cities around the world. GA offers 10 to 13 week full-time programs in User Experience Design, Software Engineering, and Data Science, as well as part-time options in specific programming languages.

Most of the courses are designed for beginners in the field of information technology. GA offers tuition discounts for women and offers the Catalyst program, a tuition deferral option with payments required only after students have found employment.

2. Juno College

Juno College offers an immersive, full-time website design and building bootcamp for people with some coding experience. The tuition fee includes nine weeks of study and four weeks of part-time career labs.

The placement assistance continues after the end of the program. Free workshops and scholarships based on need are also available, as well as income sharing options once the job is secured.

3. Métis

Metis offers a 12-week in-person or online data science summer bootcamp. Universities have even partnered with this Kaplan sister company for training courses and support services. The courses are taught by Métis by experienced data scientists.

Applicants should have experience in both programming and statistics. Students have access to career counselors, events with industry leaders, and scholarship opportunities for under-represented populations.

4. Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy is an immersive software development program that focuses on core concepts and a project-based curriculum. Individuals can take classes on campuses in New York or Chicago, or they can take the entire 17-week program online this summer.

Students are encouraged to take a bootcamp preparation course before starting the basics of the program, as not everyone enters with the same level of experience. Preparation courses are currently offered free of charge. Fullstack Academy offers deferred tuition fees for female students and additional scholarships.

coursra course

Coursera Summer 2020 Course

Coursera is an online education company known for providing free courses at major universities. Certificates and professional references are also available thanks to its accessible and user-friendly format.

Students learn at their own pace with recorded lesson videos, hands-on projects and quizzes. The following list includes individual lessons offered free of charge this summer:

1. Programming for everyone

Offered by the University of Michigan, the Programming for Everybody course introduces students to the programming language Python. Python programming jobs have exploded in demand, making it a valuable skill for the real world.

Students will learn to create their own program as well as other software development basics. This introductory course lasts approximately 19 hours.

2. Algorithms, part 1

This is an intermediate course offered by Princeton University. Available for free, the content takes approximately 53 hours to complete. Major areas of study include algorithms, data structures, and Java implementations. Students will watch videos, read articles and answer quizzes for each module.

3. Introduction to programming with MATLAB

Vanderbilt University is teaming up with Coursera to offer this introductory course to the MATLAB programming language, popular in the natural sciences and engineering.

This course is not just a practical guide; Participants will learn general computer science concepts and applicable programming and development skills. The content takes approximately 35 hours to complete.

4. Development of Android applications

Also from Vanderbilt University is an introductory course for those interested in developing mobile applications, especially on Android. This is a great option for those who already have some skills in Java, as it is based on the application of basic features and software models to develop maintainable mobile applications.

Students will earn a shareable certificate upon completion, and career outcome statistics show that 58% of learners were able to start a new career after completing this specialization.

certificate programs

Summer 2020 certificate programs

Certificate programs are generally designed for people looking for specialized training in a specific skill, although many take more than a summer to complete.

Nonetheless, aspiring software developers can kick off their university studies this summer by registering for the summer term in one of the following programs:

1. Full stack web development

The UC Irvine Certificate in Full Stack Web Development is a set of 12 online courses of five courses that can be completed in less than a year.

Students will learn how to test code, build apps, and build a website from start to finish. An intermediate course in JavaScript begins this summer.

2. Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science

Kansas State University offers a 14-credit, four-course program that prepares students with the foundational knowledge needed for a career in software development. A beginner’s course in data structures and algorithms is available in the summer.

There are many types of course options for software development, and students at all stages can find just about any match for their time commitment, budget, subject preferences, and background. competence level.

It should be noted that the course options here are just a small example of what is available on the internet. Particularly due to the current global situation, courses in a myriad of topics ranging from machine learning to business intelligence are now available online from the many sources provided in this article.

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