Software Development in 2021: Top 10 Stories of the Year



While there have been few dramatic changes or milestones in software development in 2021, there have been a number of new product releases and updates – as well as trending technologies – that are making it easier to get started. developer life.

Read ITPro today 10 Most Read Software Development Stories in 2021 below to find out how developers can take advantage of certain products and tools to simplify their jobs and even advance their careers.

1. How to Recover Files in Ubuntu: 3 Tools for Linux Data Recovery

Anyone who has worked in IT for awhile has had to undelete a file. No matter how careful users are, there will always be times when data is lost without being backed up. This article explores three tools you can use to restore files in Linux, using Ubuntu as an example, although the tools and methods explained here should work on any traditional Linux distribution.

2. Programmer vs. developer vs. engineer: what’s the difference?

Although they all contribute to the creation of software, there are important differences in the roles of software developers, software engineers, and programmers. This technical explanation explains not only these differences in roles, but also the differences in salaries, prestige and upward mobility.

3. Evolution of Programming: How Coding Got Easier Over the Last Decade

Over the past decade, changes in programming have made coding faster and easier. This look back at the evolution of programming that has taken place over the past 10 years shows how open source and low-code platforms, APIs, and open standards have greatly facilitated essential aspects of a developer job.

4. Who needs and doesn’t need AI-assisted development?

Companies are accelerating their adoption of artificial intelligence, and this includes in the area of ​​development. In fact, AI-assisted development is one of the most popular new use cases for AI because it helps developers work faster while making fewer mistakes. Find out what problems AI-assisted development can solve, and who should – and shouldn’t – use it.

5. 4 data management best practices for developers

By adhering to some basic best practices, developers can make overall data management more secure, less expensive, and more efficient. This article presents four data management best practices that developers should follow to improve data management.

6. Linux at 30: 5 Ways Linux Changed the Model of Software Engineering

Linux turned 30 in 2021, and to celebrate this milestone, ITPro today looked at the role it played in the way developers work, arguably its biggest contribution. This article examines five ways Linux has revolutionized software development and the software engineering model since its introduction in 1991.

seven. 5 essential soft skills for DevOps success

Some “hard” skills are needed to be good at DevOps – such as Programming languages and IAM frameworks – but “soft” skills are just as important. If you are looking to start or advance a career in DevOps, cultivate those soft skills that are necessary for the types of work DevOps teams do.

8. Who needs or doesn’t need Cloud IDE?

There are many advantages to using cloud IDEs, the most important of which is that they make it easier and faster to set up an IDE platform because you don’t need to install the IDE yourself. But does that make a cloud IDE the best? deployment option for developers? It depends, according to technology expert Christopher Tozzi, on the type of application, deployment model and collaboration needs.

9. Java 16 brings performance improvements, a new packaging tool

When Java 16 was released in March 2021, it was packed with new features that improved not only performance but also usability for developers who use the popular programming language. In this article, ITPro today Contributor Sean Michael Kerner details the biggest changes in Java 16 (also check out his coverage of the arrival of Java 17 in September and what it means for developers).

ten. Microsoft launches new low-code language, Microsoft Power Fx

Demand for low-code and no-code programming platforms has taken off in recent years, and at its Ignite 2021 conference, Microsoft looked to capitalize on this surge in popularity with the introduction of Microsoft Power Fx. ITPro today examines three reasons Microsoft is excited about its new low-code programming language.

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