Software Engineer from Pune Creates Augmented Reality Portal to Help Artists Achieve Global Recognition


The pandemic has driven several professions to the new normal of online business and pushed them to occupy the virtual space. By merging his great appreciation of the arts and hands-on knowledge with augmented reality and data analysis, Niranjan Ingale, a Pune-based software engineer seized this opportunity to create ‘artPRESENT’, a portal that aims to help Indian artists to present their works and obtain the recognition they deserve all over the world.

“While in the United States, I attended art festivals and exhibitions. While I was happy to find works of art by some famous Indian masters, I also wondered why other talented Indian artists weren’t on display. It robs the just recognition of the overflowing talent that we have here. Moreover, when the pandemic hit the global art space went virtual for art lovers, appreciators and collectors, a similar thing had to be translated in India. In order to bring something to the parallel line, especially for Indian artists, the creation of artPRESENT has taken place, ”said Ingale.

Development of the portal began last year in May, Ingale said he was determined to make it another platform. “We did not intend to just put images of the works of art, but to allow visitors to the portal to experience the exhibition as they would in an art gallery. With a virtual gallery, one can visit the exhibition online while with augmented reality, collectors and buyers can have a precise understanding of the appearance of the work of art, regardless of its size, kind of medium, in a real environment, “he said.

For its first virtual exhibition, artPRESENT, along with the city’s Art2Day gallery, will feature acclaimed artists Madhuri Bhaduri and M Narayan at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair in New York, United States, September 2-5.

“The artists who had approaches were able to sell their works of art but the pandemic totally took away the experience of physical exhibitions. Second, in my experience, there are issues such as loss or removal of artwork when it comes to exhibitions that are handled through the portal. This will open up avenues for artists in the international market, ”Bhaduri said.

The artPRESENT portal ensures that works of art retain their essence in terms of color, medium and user appeal, as well as a detailed description of the artist and the artwork and audio for inclusiveness. It also guarantees that the artwork is not downloadable or reproduced in any form. In addition, the portal, with the help of data analysis, will make it possible to clearly understand which artistic work is appreciated in which corner of the world. This in turn will help in deciding where and how to promote the artwork.

During this time, artPRESENT has also started two of its own virtual group exhibitions called “Aarambh” and “ArtStories”. While the former includes abstract paintings, the “ArtStories” include figurative and artistic works related to India. So far, the portal features the works of 16 artists on board, including Vivek Nimbolkar, Sachin Pakale, Harshit Bondre, Gayatri Tambe-Deshpande, Pandurang Tathe, Rahul Dangat, Ramchandra Kharatmal, Ramesh Gujar and Nilesh Pawar.

“Artists will benefit because they will be able to present their works in the right place and will also be supported by art promoters and galleries. It’s light on the artists’ pocket and the overall ambition is for talented artists to become household names. We also help make it easier to buy works of art that will help individual artists, ”said Ingale.

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