Software Engineer Makes His Way As A Food Entrepreneur – Faraaz Siddiqui, Founder Of ‘Spoonful Of Hyderabad’


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Posted: Wednesday April 13th 2022, 04:05 PM [IST]

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Over the past few years, today’s foodies have amassed followers on new media while staying true to their original traditional outlets. Simply put, the previous crop has undergone significant changes over time, from favorite meals to whims, trends and activities. They have a story to tell about it. Foodies have learned to value their food stories to the world in the age of social media and the development of Instagram. Instagram has become the perfect medium for individuals to share their culinary experiences. Millions of food bloggers are sharing great photos of foods they’ve tried in new places.

Software Engineer Makes His Way As A Food Entrepreneur - Faraaz Siddiqui, Founder Of Spoonful Of Hyderabad

Faraaz Siddiqui is a well-known and popular food blogger. On February 27, 2017, Faraaz launched an Instagram page titled ‘Spoonful of Hyderabad’ with the tagline ‘Celebrating the food that binds us’, where he posts some truly impressive food shots for foodies. He advises the public on where to find tasty food in the city.

He mainly started posting at a time when Instagram blogging was still unexplored and blogging was not yet widespread. However, he persisted and became one of the most popular Instagram bloggers in the country, ranking first in Hyderabad. Faraaz’s Instagram account is a feast for the eyes and you’ll love the food he posts. “Spoonful of Hyderabad” has always been about discovering the biggest and trendiest restaurants in the city.

As we talk to him further, he tells us that he recently founded Spoonful Digital Media, a network that promotes all businesses like food, clothing, health, etc. This digital media company provides complete marketing solutions for the needs of any business, with the best teams. for content production, social media, web development, Google Ads and SEO. Faraaz also wants Spoonful to be known as a brand, not just a company. He wants it to be recognized as one of the top five digital publishing houses in India. Apart from being a food blogger, he is also an engineer and also has work experience in the same field.

Faraaz is not one of them to stop and get tired, together with his mother, Farhana Siddiqui, he founded a sweet company called “Naqsh” (a cloud kitchen). They delight sweet tooths via this brand using a recipe passed down from their great-grandmother. They sell five types of sweets which include Jaali, Boat ka Halwa, Ashrafi, Maskekelauz and Paan. They claim that these secret recipes have been passed down from their ancestors for over 120 years.

Also, to fight and shine through the worst time in human history, the CoronaVirus Pandemic, he came up with the idea to upload self-made food videos and photos for his viewers and fans. , which he called “Spoonful Eatery”. Many people participated by posting their culinary dishes and using the hashtag #SpoonfulEatery. On top of that, even during the outbreak, Spoonful launched an effort called “TOGETHER WE CARE” to help people who simply needed day-to-day essentials after losing their careers and responsibilities.

We are very inspired and blessed to undertake this series of editions, Faraaz has undoubtedly brought value and earned many blessings, not to mention he is also an excellent entrepreneur and a humble person.

Follow her brand on Instagram @spoonfulofhyderabad

Article first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 4:05 p.m. [IST]


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