Software Engineer Research Topics 2021: Top 5



Whether you are studying ahead of time or just about to earn this software engineering degree, it is essential that you research possible research topics in advance. This will help you have an advantage in your course.

First of all, remember that software engineering revolves around the development and improvement of technology.

Therefore, your research paper should have the same objective. It shouldn’t be too complex for you to go through it smoothly. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so easy that you can search for it online.

Choosing can be a difficult task. So, to help you find the best topic for your needs, we have listed the top 5 software engineering research topics in the following sections.

Machine learning

Machine learning is one of the most used research topics by software engineers. If you are not yet familiar with this, this is an area that revolves around producing programs that improve its algorithm on their own simply using existing data and experience.

Basically, the art of machine learning is all about making smart tools. Here you will have to use various statistical methods for the algorithms of your computers. This makes it somewhat of a complex and lengthy subject.

Even so, the good thing about this area is that it covers a lot of subtopics. These may include the use of machine learning for face theft detection, iris detection, sentiment and preference analysis technique. Usually, however, machine learning will go hand in hand with some detection systems.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a much simpler concept than machine learning. Note, however, that the latter is just another type of AI tool.

AI refers to human intelligence embedded in machines and computer programs. By focusing on this, you will have a lot more topics to write about. Since it’s present in so many areas like gaming, marketing, and even random automated tasks, you’ll have more material to refer to.

Some things you can write about in your article include AI’s relationship with software engineering, robotics, and natural processing. You can also write about the different types of artificial intelligence tools for a more guided research paper.

Internet of things

Another topic you can write about is the Internet of Things, or more commonly known as IoT. These are interconnected devices, machines, or even living things as long as a network exists.

Writing on the IoT will open up a huge range of possibilities for writing. You can tell if the topic is a problem that needs further solutions or improvements. At the same time, you will be able to talk about the specific needs of the machines since the IoT works mainly with communication servers.

In addition, the concept of the Internet of Things is also used in several fields like agriculture, e-commerce and medicine. For this reason, you can rest assured that you will not run out of topics for discussion or reference.

Software development models

Then we have software development models. If you want to write about a research paper (or maybe you have decided to buy a custom research paper?) On how one can start to create an application or software, then using templates from software development as a subject is a good choice.

Here you can choose to write about what the concept is or to delve deeper into its different types. You can examine the Waterfall, V-Model, Incremental, RAD, Agile, Iterative, Spiral, and Prototype models. You can choose one or all of the models and then associate them with software engineering.

Clone management

One of the most important elements of software engineering is the clone base. Therefore, using it as a research topic will help you stay relevant to your course and its needs. In particular, you can focus on managing clones.

Managing clones is the task of ensuring that a database is free from errors and duplicate codes. What makes it a good subject is that its materials are still limited in the field of software engineering. This is compared to other topics related to the clones. Therefore, you can guarantee a separate subject for your article.


To land on the best topic, consider your interest. Find the area that makes you curious and entertaining. This way, you can build motivation to learn more about it, and not just for the sake of submitting.

Another good tip is to choose a single topic. The ones we have discussed above can be considered unique as they are some of the latest software related topics. If you plan to use a common one, be sure to put your own little twist on it. You can also consider seeing the subject in a different light.

Either way, your research paper, its grade, and overall quality will greatly depend on what you choose to write.



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