Sony hires software engineer for classic sound team to help “develop new emulators”


A new LinkedIn job posting spotted on Resetera shows that sony is currently recruiting a Software Development Engineer, specifically to work with the Classic studio team.

The Classic team, as described, is responsible for keeping the classic titles available to players on PS5 and PS4add new features and “develop new emulators”.

This last part of the description seems to be the most intriguing, as if we saw that it didn’t seem like a priority for Sony to create a PS3 emulator, it at least gives fans hope that it could happen.

The PS3 is the only generation of games available through the new tiered release. PlayStation Plus in which all titles must be streamed and cannot be downloaded. It was the same with PlayStation now, before the release of the new model.

However, the option to stream games isn’t even available in all countries, and for those trying to stream a game, your mileage will vary significantly depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Streaming is nowhere near being a fully viable option as a way to play these classic titles, and as such fans are hoping to one day hear that Sony will finally release an emulator that will allow PS3 games to run. on PS5 and PS4.

Source – [LinkedIn, Resetera]


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