The software engineers brothers offer a new development tool to SMEs ready to evolve online


Brothers Scott Sickles and Brad Sickles have separately built successful engineering careers in corporate and start-up spaces. Today, they’ve teamed up to tackle what they both experienced as a major development problem: Deploying applications for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) is often a clumsy and frustrating experience. .

Of course, we talked about the technology behind their latest company together, Alpharetta-based Nullstone. But we had to ask ourselves, what is it like to start a startup with your brother or sister?

“It’s probably one of the best work experiences I’ve had, honestly,” Brad said. “If you are in the corporate world, not everyone is on your side and you don’t know if everyone has the same passion and interests or the same motivation and direction as you. “

“There was a little hesitation at first because of the adage ‘don’t mix business with your personal life,’ Scott added. “But after launching the idea [of Nullstone] and avoiding it for many years, we decided to go. And it was fantastic.

Nullstone seeks to help engineering teams deploy applications faster and more agile than is possible with standard deployment platforms like Heroku. “Something that has been very well documented throughout the [tech] community is that Heroku, after being acquired by Salesforce, struggled to make the upstream transition to larger companies, ”added Brad. “At the end of the day, it’s a closed platform and you can’t change it. Small and medium-sized enterprises can grow to the enterprise level [with Nullstone]. “

Engineering teams can use any language or framework to deploy the app, and Nullstone says it supports “from monoliths to microservices, from web apps to APIs.” This ultimately helps teams focus on the application infrastructure while Nullstone provides the plug-and-play architecture to ensure that the scale teams meet security and compliance needs.

Unlike Heroku, Nullstone allows customers to outsource their work to their own cloud providers and ultimately fine-tune projects more easily and according to their needs.

Scott stickles

The brothers are focused on building Nullstone for engineers in SMBs, which have traditionally struggled to scale to other deployment platforms.

After a series of angel investments this year, Nullstone continues to develop its capabilities. Currently, modules are published to AWS, with Azure and GCP support in the pipeline.

Nullstone is the unique culmination of Brad and Scott’s previous professional experiences. Brad worked at McKinsey to help banks and other Fortune 500 companies launch apps faster to compete with several rapidly evolving Silicon Valley startups. He then jumped over the Bishop Fox cyber business.

Scott worked at several banking and biometric scale-up startups before becoming CTO of the Alpharetta-based SaaS customer feedback platform, Listen360 (acquired by EverCommerce).

Brad stickles


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