Tldr to be promoted to senior software engineer | by Kanika Modi | Dec. 2021



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Senior software engineers play a critical role in determining the direction of the product and actively participate in the development of key features for the business. This blog is intended to serve as a resource for aspiring software engineers who want to succeed in software engineering and progress to the level of seasoned software engineers.

  • Take the necessary initiative for your development and career progression through 1: 1 interviews and career conversations with your manager and other senior SDEs.
  • Document career goals in detail, highlighting key aspects such as complexity / ambiguity and overall growth of the current function beyond project delivery.
  • Successfully launch software that has an impact on a large part of a product or business.
  • Ideate with clients, stakeholders, peers and define issues and solution roadmap.
  • Lead the successful design, implementation and delivery of large-scale mission-critical software.
  • Responsibilities specific to optimizing the use of equipment for team services.
  • Review team software metrics / alarms and suggest tools to aid in service maintenance.
  • Perform regular operational readiness audits of team systems. Offer constructive solutions to recurring problems by tackling the root causes.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the team’s work and try to regularly improve consistency and integration between your software and related applications.
  • Propose and develop decoupling / reusable platform components. Take the initiative to find and resolve ambiguous problems, architectural flaws or areas of innovation.
  • Make improvements to development and testing practices. Make sure your designs are scalable and extensible.
  • Ment and coach new engineers on how your team’s software is built, runs, is secure, and fits into a bigger picture.
  • Participate and facilitate brainstorming and knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Actively participate in the recruitment process. Participate in the recruitment and interviews of new team members.
  • Recognize conflicting points of view and engage in constructive dialogue to resolve them.
  • Focus on learning and understanding new design patterns, software systems that can be used to improve software and team operations.
  • Become a subject matter expert in 2-3 key areas of the software used by the team.
  • Actively participate in code reviews, design discussions, and team planning.
  • Demonstrate technical influence on 1 or 2 teams, either through a collaborative software effort or by applying software engineering best practices to increase their productivity and efficiency.
  • Make informed contributions to team priorities and technical trade-off considerations to influence business / enterprise strategy.

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