Top 10 Software Development Trends in 2021


by Astha Oriel

December 12, 2020

With the increase of online businesses, website and application development, a change has been observed with regard to software development. Disruptive technologies and new software development tools improve the functionality and security of software. With COVID-19, the demand within businesses and organizations to perform operations effectively and efficiently has increased, hence the deployment of advanced technologies in software deployment. Now, the following trends will shape the software development trends in 2021.

Integration of RPA robots during software development

Automation thrives at the pace of innovation in all sectors of the world. With a limited staff to continue operations, BFSI and the healthcare industry have automated redundant documentation, to apply human skills to important and urgent tasks. Due to its robust system, the incorporation of RPA will strengthen software development in 2021.

Big Data Analysis in Software Development

Businesses and industry organizations are using big data to gain insight and understand trends for the coming year. With the incorporation of Hadoop and Apache Spark, the space for data analysis throughout software development will be enhanced. In the coming year, big data analytics will drive the software development space.

Integration of AI in software development

Artificial intelligence is recognized as one of the leading technologies for innovation in industry. With AI adoption booming overall, AI-integrated software will improve operations in all businesses. This will be particularly beneficial for web portals or online stores, to analyze customer behavior.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain continues to gain ground in all sectors. Called digital ledger, it provides transparency. Integrating Blockchain into software development processes will help to thwart fraud and install advanced security features during business transaction.

Integration of the Internet of Things in software development

The use of IoT will shift from building integrated devices with sensors to integrating IoT into software development. By integrating IoT sensors into the software development process, engineers will be able to adapt their programming skills without any hindrance.

The rise of native application development

Due to increasing demand among software development companies, they are said to be among the fastest growing software development trends in 2020. Native Apps supports specific machines. It improves the user experience and increases the flawless performance of the application in all industries.

Improved continuous integration of software development

This helps to shorten the feature delivery cycle, make bug fixes frequent and efficient, and establish flexibility in the software development process.

Software development should be cloud-centric

Due to the remote working standard, cloud technology has overtaken its users compared to last year. It is heavily deployed in various sectors. In the near future, software development will be more cloud-centric, all data of the software development process will be stored in the cloud.

Switch to DevSecOps

Without a doubt, DevOps makes the software development process easier. However, in the future, in addition to managing the operations of the software, the development team will also maintain the security tests, without any help from the security expert.

Cross-platform and hybrid development

This new trend will help reflect the revolution in the software development process over the coming year. As the name suggests, the software will be developed in a hybrid fashion so that the coding process on mobile platforms is a compromise between functionality and time to market.

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