Top Enterprise Software Development Companies in Asia: Saigon Technology Featured by Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thanks to Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights’ list of qualified candidates and reliable sources of information, more than 800 companies and project owners have been able to select a suitable outsourcing provider to outsource software development.

Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights is continuously developing to provide the most valuable insights to the public about the global software development scenario, fast becoming a reliable access address for business, along with the daily growth of outstanding staff of each country. young engineers.

Below is some preliminary information on Asia’s top five business software vendors that you are likely to need for your project. It will undoubtedly be the most informative platform for you, whether it is an ongoing project or a new one!

#1 Software Development Company: Saigon Technology

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Size of the company: 350+
  • Service areas: Enterprise software development, cloud migration, offshore software development, custom software development, AI development, offshore testing, mobile/web app development, UX/UI design, etc.

The affordable pricing of Saigon Technology’s enterprise software development services and extensive programming knowledge are two of the most important considerations in clients’ decision to work with the company. Furthermore, Saigon Technology is proud to be a successful company in recruiting and managing the top 1% talented engineers in Vietnam. With this pride, the company has made it its mission to bring the best service to customers, in the best enterprise software development companies in Asia.

Over a decade of working on over 900 projects has helped Saigon Technology build its reputation as an expert in a variety of industries, from healthcare and banking to marketing, advertising and logistics. Moreover, Saigon Technology is renowned for its high-quality solutions and its focused and professional working attitude.

Software Development Company #2: DiCentral

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Size of the company: 900+
  • Solution areas for: Supplier, Buyer, Microsoft Company, Microsoft Marketplace Applications, etc.

DiCentral is a professional in the field of electronic data interchange technology, it is well worth the time to investigate DiCentral. During the company’s development, many of Asia’s most successful companies have depended on the EDI and supply chain integration expertise offered by DiCentral, despite the fact that the industry has continued to progress throughout this period.

When customers use DiCentral’s proprietary, pre-built ERP adapters in conjunction with cloud EDI infrastructure, there are additional opportunities to reduce unnecessary or error-prone data types. This translates into increased return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

Software Development Company #3: FPT Software

  • Headquarter: Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Size of the company: 900+
  • Service areas: Digital consulting services, cloud migration, digital technology services, software development for businesses, etc.

With special emphasis on the abilities of a wide range of Vietnamese engineers, FPT Software has become an outstanding enterprise software development company. The parent company, FPT Corporation (HoSE), of which FPT Software is a division, has experienced a period of sustained growth since the turn of the century.

The approximately 900 members of FPT Software’s technical team have long been the company’s greatest source of pride. Customers around the world have chosen FPT Software as the outstanding application development company in Vietnam, both in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular. This recognition is the result of FPT Software’s strong presence in these two regions.

Software Development Company #4: NashTech

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Size of the company: 900+
  • Service areas: Business process, Application management, Data, Digital monitoring, Cloud migration, Software solution consulting, etc.

The NashTech and Nash Squared teams are used to working on hundreds of projects in a wide variety of industries, at different sizes, and for a wide variety of clients. The United States of America, Canada, Australia and France are just some of the major countries that have trusted the reliability of the Nashtech brand in the field of technology.

A company that encourages engineers to think creatively and adapt in the wake of globalization is seen as an icon by customers who trust them with their software development.

Software Development Company #5: KMS Technology

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Size of the company: 900+
  • Service areas: Software Engineering, Enterprise Software Development, Technology Consulting, Digital Operations, Cloud Migration, etc.

KMS Technology is steadfast in its desire to achieve the goal that has been set under the slogan “Brilliant Minds – Brilliant Solutions”, and it accomplishes this by consistently following the company’s distinctive leadership philosophy when in hiring staff.

Companies, especially in the Asia region, have relied on the enterprise software development services offered by KMS Technology to ensure the results of their projects.


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