Want to launch a career as a Google-ready software engineer? This training can help for less than $ 20



TLDR: The Google Software Engineering Manager 2021 Readiness Pack delves deeper into vital areas of web development including data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

As you can imagine, working for Google is the brass ring for a software engineer, providing the opportunity to practice your profession with the best of the best. Google receives over 2 million resumes every year, but they only hire around 4,000 new employees. This means that if you aspire to work with cutting edge talent on next level technology, you better know your trade.

With training in The 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Prep Package ($ 15.98 after code ANNUAL60, over 90% outside of TNW Deals), you’ll be ready for anything, with a study package that empowers learners to use all of today’s best tools and technology.

This set is comprehensive and includes 12 courses containing over 93 hours of in-depth instruction in the areas the best and brightest need to understand today.

Whether you work in data science, artificial intelligence, or beyond, today’s work in these areas often begins with the Python coding language. With courses like Data Science: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python, Big Data Code Optimization in Python NumPy: Sound Processing and Python Engineering Animations: Bring Math & Data to Life, students gain hands-on experience working with Python on these big projects.

With that foundation laid, additional training explores other critical areas of development, from understanding exactly how the UI design process works, to using the powerful JavaFX library to help create UIs. breathtaking experiences in learning to write C # code in a functional style.

This opens up learning and experimentation options in some of the most innovative areas of development, including data visualization and analysis with Google Data Studio, an introduction to building thinking computers with machine learning, and even how to use artificial intelligence to help digital marketing efforts. to succeed.

Each course in the 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Extensive Prep Package is worth $ 199, but not only does it get a big discount, but you can also earn an additional 60% during the semi-annual sale. Just use the code ANNUAL60 when you checkout and the whole package can be yours to only $ 15.98.

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