What is a computer programmer, what does he do, how does one become? Computer Programmer Salaries 2022

What is a computer programmer, what does he do, how to become a computer programmer Salary 2022

A computer programmer writes programs that convert software codes into a logical sequence that the computer can follow. It does this by using software programs in a variety of languages, including C++ and Python.

What does a computer programmer do? What are their duties and responsibilities?

The responsibilities of a computer programmer vary by area of ​​expertise. The general responsibilities of professional professionals can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Write code to create software in-house,
  • Create innovative software to help drive business improvements,
  • Review the program objective with the analyst, supervisor and client.
  • Determine priorities during programming by analyzing needs,
  • Formulate program functionalities and basic prototypes,
  • Coding project requirements by converting workflow information into computer language,
  • To confirm the operation of the program by performing tests,
  • Make program improvements to make existing software and systems more secure and efficient,
  • Prepare references for users by writing user manuals,
  • Debug code generation for existing programs,
  • Creation of code libraries,
  • Respect for the confidentiality of customer information

How to become a computer programmer?

To become a computer programmer, it is necessary to obtain a two-year university degree. There are certificate programs for computer programming at various academies.

Characteristics a Computer Programmer Should Have

The computer programmer must have a creative mind and great concentration. Other qualifications that employers look for in these working professionals are;

  • Mastery of several programming languages,
  • Prioritize responsibilities and manage time effectively
  • Possess excellent analytical and organizational skills,
  • Be able to produce creative solutions to a problem,
  • To respect the delivery date of the determined works,
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills

Computer Programmer Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they hold and the average salaries of those in the position of Computer Programmer are the lowest 5,500 TL, the average 6,840 TL, the highest 12,980 TL students.


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