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On the 10th floor of the Greenleaf-Crosby Building in downtown Jacksonville, a dozen Feature[23] consultants, software engineers and strategists work and play.

It’s a fun and functional space, with individualized high-tech desks, comfortable furniture and rugs, a bright break room that offers pots of coffee with a ping-pong table and foosball table, many Meeting nooks and whiteboards; and artwork reflecting office interests: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, fairy tales.

The 6-year-old company team already occupies a 4,400 square foot floor and is planning another one, probably the 11th floor, next year and maybe the 12th, the top floor, after that.

The building, also called Greenleaf Tower, was constructed in 1927 and renovated in 1985 and 1999.

“We want to grow, but we want to do it methodically,” said Tracy Potts, one of the three co-founders and COO.

“Methodically” means working closely with clients, including those who have worked with Feature[23] up front and helping them develop software that truly solves a problem and creates opportunity.

Characteristic[23]Downtown space and offsite work.

“It’s a getaway from their office, but they get things done,” Potts said.

It can be a busy place. In addition to the work, there are lunch and learns and science fairs where engineers present the research they are encouraged to do in the course of their work.

Potts and her husband, Mike, the CEO, and Jeremy Vaughan, chief strategy officer, moved the company to downtown Jacksonville in June from an office in downtown St. Augustine.

The business started in 2008 when Mike Potts, a director, founded Potts Consulting Group in the Southpoint area.

Mike and Tracy Potts brought in Vaughan, who had his own consulting firm, in 2011 to help with business development and they started Feature[23]’s in 2012 as a strategic new version of the brand.

“It’s a small world and it was really perfect timing,” said Tracy Potts.

Vaughan explained that the company was founded by Mike, a veteran software consultant and technology manager, and Tracy, an operations manager, during the recession.

“We didn’t just jump on the tech bandwagon because it was trendy,” said Vaughan, who has a finance degree and opened his own consulting firm in October 2009.

He said Mike and Tracy Potts believed there was a growing need for knowledgeable IT services that was not met by most US businesses and they sought to bridge the gap.

Initially, he said, the idea was simple: “Create a consulting firm with the assumption that if we helped our clients treat software as an asset – rather than a cost – we could offer a best value to our customers. It evolved considerably from there.

After a few years of activity, the company noticed new models. Characteristic[23]The name comes from the many years of application of its philosophy in the field of software engineering.

Within the lines of code was “feature set 23”, which was a revenue generator for a customer’s application. The name stuck.

The company, whose website is, moved to St. Augustine two years ago and decided to return to Jacksonville and move downtown to be closer to its customers, which range from startups to large. companies. These large customers include Whataburger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Wendy’s, Shell and Safariland.

“We didn’t realize how handy software is for people,” said Potts. “Sitting face to face is easier. “

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